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Lauren Acampora is the author of The Wonder Garden, forthcoming from Grove Atlantic in May 2015. Her fiction has appeared in publications such as The Paris Review, Missouri Review, Prairie Schooner, New England Review, and Antioch Review. She is a graduate of Brown University and holds an MFA from Brooklyn College.

Raised in Connecticut, she now lives in Westchester County, New York, with her husband, artist Thomas Doyle, and their daughter.

Genres: Literary Fiction, Mystery
   The Paper Wasp (2019)
   The Hundred Waters (2022)
   The Wonder Garden (2015)
Novellas and Short Stories
   Penny Saver (2015)
Lauren Acampora recommends
Speech Team (2023)
Tim Murphy
"Speech Team is irresistible: a poignant, funny, achingly relatable tale of youth, aging, and friendship--and the universal process of untangling the past to stitch together the present and future. This is one of those rare novels that's both illuminating and delightful; I swallowed it whole."
You Are Here (2023)
Karin Lin-Greenberg
"In this beautifully affecting novel, Karin Lin-Greenberg creates a chorus of characters so fully human they come to feel like friends and neighbors. In lucid, graceful prose, she illuminates how these lives - brought together in the most banal of places, an upstate New York shopping mall - touch each other in unexpected, lasting ways. We become confidantes to their private hopes, fears, and biases, as we watch their intersecting stories blossom into something rich, complex, and larger than the sum of its parts. I'll be thinking of these people, and this book, for a long time."
The Force of Such Beauty (2022)
Barbara Bourland
"The Force of Such Beauty is a dazzling spiderweb, a richly imagined, chilling spin on the girl-meets-prince fairy tale that scrambles notions of power and femininity. With a sense of spellbound dread, we're seduced along with its complicated heroine into a magnetic world of startling beauty and tragic costs."
The Pessimists (2021)
Bethany Ball
"The Pessimists is a sweet-and-sour gimlet of a novel. It goes down easy, with a satirical edge and a knock-out punch. With raw honesty and sympathy, Bethany Ball exposes the foibles, follies, and discomforts of her comfortable suburban characters, shedding light into the dark corners of their inner lives. I've never seen a writer capture the ambush of middle age so well, with such blunt truth and knife-sharp humor. She details the troubles that come for people whose habitual striving has lost purpose--the disappointments small and large, the widening perforations of marriage and family, the disillusionment and indecision, the simmering discontentment--but also the sparks of joy, the salve of love, and the surprising shoots of growth. She is so good, and The Pessimists is terrific."
True Story (2020)
Kate Reed Petty
"True Story is a brilliant achievement—original, powerful, and playful, flipping formats like a kaleidoscope whose fractals rearrange with each twist until the truth comes into final focus. But beyond its formal daring and assurance, it's a thoroughly engrossing read. I may have held my breath through the whole thing, and I will think about it for a long time. This is a shapeshifting, sneak attack of a novel that leaves a permanent imprint."

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