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Debut author Rachael Allen lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where she's working furiously on her PhD in neuroscience. When she's not doing science or writing YA, you can find her chasing after a toddler, a baby, and two sled dogs. Rachael may or may not have had 17 first kisses. . . . Luckily she doesn't kiss and tell.

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Sanderson's Isle (2023)
James Clarke
"Gorgeous, luxurious language propels a motley crew of characters as they beg, borrow, beat and maneuver their ways up and down the country, through TV shows, derelict stations, weird communes, lockhouses and forests. Extraordinarily mapped and cinematic in its sense of place, character and time through a powerful narrative voice, this is a portrait of riotous, joyful, mystical, horrible and high little Englanders that I loved."
Shy (2023)
Max Porter
"Living poetry-prose, pulsative, growing, coming of age, borderless in its thinking, boundaryless in its approach, a sonorous document that pulses with lived experience."
She Drives Me Crazy (2021)
Kelly Quindlen
"Hilarious and full of heart, with a sizzling romance. SHE DRIVES ME CRAZY nails both the hate to love and fake dating tropes with expert execution. I want to live in this town and be friends with these characters so badly, and I'm deeply sad that I can't."

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