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Boris Bacic

Boris Bacic is a horror author who has written more than ten novels, including collections of short horror stories.
He's been writing stories for years, ranging from genres like horror, sci-fi, mystery, thriller, suspense, etc. He's been praised widely as an author who constructs compelling narratives and plots that will keep you at the edge of your seat. His stories regularly find their way among the top posts on Nosleep and he's had dozens of his stories narrated by famous Creepypasta Youtube narrators.
His stories are guaranteed to make your blood run cold, give you a feeling of paranoia or make you sleep with your lights on, but will also get you attached to the characters, making you feel like you're right there with them in their predicament.


Genres: Horror

   Scary Stories With B.B. Halloween Collection (2019)
   Tales of a Security Guard (2020)
   Scary Stories With B.B. (2020)
   Scary Stories With B. B. Volume Two (2020)
   Beautiful Tragedy (2021) (with Melody Calder, Isobella Dunn, K R Fajardo, Helle Gade, Annelie Janssen, Victoria Larque, Ada Rossi, Anne Samara and Everly Taylor)