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Carrie Bedford

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After winning the Greater London Essay Competition in her teens, Carrie has spent a lifetime writing for pleasure and business. Over the last thirty years, she has published articles in technology and business journals, served as editor for a magazine publisher, and more recently co-owned and managed a Silicon Valley public relations firm. She has an Honors degree in English Language and Literature from Manchester University in England. 

Carrie grew up in London and has lived in Switzerland, France, Spain and Italy. An enthusiastic traveler, she draws on her experiences in her writing. She wrote her debut novel, Nobilissima, while living in Italy, where she researched the life and times of the Empress Placidia. The Aura is set in London and Florence.  She now lives in California with her husband, their two daughters, two yellow labs and a calico cat who assists in edit cycles by taking random walks on the keyboard.

Genres: Mystery
   Passport to Murder (2016) (with Dick Cluster, Rob Swigart, Michaela Thompson and Tracy Whiting)
   Cozy Leading Ladies (2017) (with Patty Friedmann, M A Harper, Julie Smith, Michaela Thompson and Tracy Whiting)
   Woo Woo: Paranormal Cozies (2017) (with Red Q Arthur, Adrienne Barbeau, M A Harper, Julie Smith and Rob Swigart)