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Constance M Burge

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Constance M. Burge is the creator of the Charmed television series and short-lived Savannah series. Burge was also a writer for Judging Amy, Ally McBeal and Boston Public. She also worked as a producer for several shows. She left her executive producer position on Charmed because of disagreement with fellow executive producer Brad Kern. She stayed as the Executive Consultant until season 4 and left to produce other shows.
Series contributed to
1. The Power of Three (1999) (with Eliza Willard)
2. The Kiss of Darkness (1998) (with Brandon Alexander)
3. The Crimson Spell (2000) (with Cameron Dokey and F Goldsborough)
4. Whispers from the Past (2000) (with Rosalind Noonan)
5. Voodoo Moon (2000) (with Wendy Corsi Staub)
6. Haunted By Desire (2000) (with Cameron Dokey)
7. The Gypsy Enchantment (2001) (with Carla Jablonski)
8. The Legacy of Merlin (2001) (with Eloise Flood)
9. The Soul of the Bride (2001)
10. Beware What You Wish (2001) (with Diana G Gallagher and D A Stern)
11. Charmed Again (2001) (with Elizabeth Lenhard)
12. Spirit of the Wolf (2002) (with Diana G Gallagher)
13. Garden of Evil (2002) (with Diana G Gallagher and Emma Harrison)
14. Date with Death (2002) (with Diana G Gallagher and Elizabeth Lenhard)
15. Dark Vengeance (2002) (with Diana G Gallagher)
16. Shadow of the Sphinx (2003) (with Carla Jablonski)
17. Something Wiccan This Way Comes (2003) (with Emma Harrison)
18. Mist and Stone (2003) (with Diana G Gallagher)
19. Mirror Image (2003) (with Jeff Mariotte)
20. Between Worlds (2003)
21. Truth and Consequences (2003) (with Cameron Dokey)
23. Inherit the Witch (2004) (with Laura J Burns)
24. A Tale of Two Pipers (2004) (with Emma Harrison)
25. The Brewing Storm (2004) (with Paul Ruditis)
26. Survival of the Fittest (2004) (with Jeff Mariotte)
27. Pied Piper (2004) (with Debbie Viguié)
28. Mystic Knoll (2005) (with Diana G Gallagher)
29. Changeling Places (2005) (with Micol Ostow)
30. The Queens Curse (2005)
35. Sweet Talkin' Demon (2006)
36. Light of the World (2006) (with Scott Ciencin)
37. House of Shards (2006) (with Micol Ostow)
38. Phoebe Who? (2006) (with Emma Harrison)
39. High Spirits (2007) (with Scott Ciencin)
40. Leo Rising (2007) (with Paul Ruditis)
41. Trickery Treat (2008) (with Diana G Gallagher)
Power of Three / Haunted by Desire (omnibus) (2001)
Seasons of the Witch Volume 1 (2003)
The Book of Three (2004) (with Diana G Gallagher and Paul Ruditis)
The Warren Witches (2005) (with Laura J Burns, Cameron Dokey, Greg Elliot, Diana G Gallagher, Micol Ostow, Erica Pass and Paul Ruditis)

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