H C Bailey

(Henry Christopher Bailey)
UK flag (1878 - 1961)

Henry Christopher Bailey was an English author of detective fiction. Bailey wrote mainly short stories featuring a medically-qualified detective called Reggie Fortune. Fortune's mannerisms and speech put him into the same class as Lord Peter Wimsey but the stories are much darker, and often involve murderous obsession, police corruption, financial skulduggery, child abuse and miscarriages of justice. Although Mr Fortune is seen at his best in short stories, he also appears in several novels.

A second series character, Josiah Clunk, is a sanctimonious lawyer who exposes corruption and blackmail in local politics, and who manages to profit from the crimes. He appears in eleven novels published between 1930 and 1950, including The Sullen Sky Mystery (1935), widely regarded as Bailey's magnum opus.

Genres: Mystery
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Mr. Clunk
   Garstons (1930)
     aka The Garston Murder Case
   The Red Castle (1932)
   The Sullen Sky Mystery (1935)
   Clunk's Claimant (1937)
     aka The Twittering Bird Mystery
   The Veron Mystery (1939)
     aka Mr. Clunk's Text
   The Little Captain (1941)
     aka Orphan Ann
   Dead Man's Shoes (1942)
     aka Nobody's Vineyard
   Slippery Ann (1944)
     aka The Queen of Spades
   The Wrong Man (1946)
   Honour Among Thieves (1947)
   Shrouded Death (1950)
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Anthologies containing stories by H C Bailey
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Short stories
The Business Minister
The Nice Girl
The Snowball Burglary
The Young Doctor
The Long Barrow (1925)
The Little House (1927)