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Plague Ship / Lani People / Operation Terror

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THREE GREAT SCIENCE FICTION NOVELS FOR LESS THAN THE COST OF A PAPERBACK! Andre Norton's masterpiece, Plague Ship, is the story of the tramp-freighter spaceship, Solar Queen. In a universe of interstellar commerce, where trade was pretty well sewn up by the giant companies, tramps like the Solar Queen were up against it. Their only tools were ingenuity and personal fearlessness, the qualities which had gained the Solar Queen exclusive trading rights to Sargol and its fabulous gems. But those qualities were to be strained to the breaking point to meet Sargol's three challenges: First was the enigmatic obstinancy of the catloke natives. Second was the ruthless incursion of an illegal competitor. But the third and worst was to be the invisible, undetectable stowaway that would brand the Solar queen anathema to the inhabited worlds. Hugo winner Murray Leinster's Operation Terror is a hard-hitting tale of what happens to the men and women caught in the vortex of an alien invasion. The novel starts when a radar complex picks up a strange object of considerablele side nearing the Earth's surface. The impact of its landing at Boulder Lake Park, Colorado, is felt on every seismograph in the world. Then the first reports begin to trickle in: There are "creatures" on board, creatures who soon leave their ship and begin exploring the area. They are armed with a terrifying parplysis ray that blinds its victims, and fills their nostrils with a reptilian odor of the jungle... Where is the ship from, and what is the quest of these alien visitors? J. F. Bone's The Lani People tells of a race of alien women enslaved by Earth's men. The Lani are exported to every planet in the galaxy. What man wants to be bothered by a woman when you can get a whole harem of Lani so cheap? All Lani are exactly like women with one minor "addition". They are happy only in their natural naked state. Lani are expertly trained to make a man feel like a god. The man simply specifies pedigree, Silver Dawn out of White Magic for a platinum-blonde model, or he can take your pick from the adoring herd. But behind the Lani lies a dark scientific secret, and only one

Genre: Science Fiction

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