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Lauralee Bliss

Lauralee Bliss is a published author of over twenty Christian romance novels and novellas in both historical and contemporary with nearly 600,000 sold.
Lauralee enjoys writing books that are reminiscent of a roller coaster ride for the reader. Her desire is that readers will come away with both an entertaining story and a lesson that ministers to the heart.

Lauralee s also an avid hiker, hiking the entire Appalachian Trail twice from Georgia to Maine and from Maine to Georgia, one of only 24 women to accomplish this feat. She makes her home in Virginia in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Genres: Inspirational, Historical Romance
   New England (1997) (with Brenda Bancroft, Lynn A Coleman and Nancy Rue)
   Rescue (2001) (with Wanda E Brunstetter, Pamela Griffin and Tamela Hancock Murray)
   Tails of Love (2001) (with Pamela Griffin, Dina Leonhardt Koehly and Gail Sattler)
   Puppy Love (2001) (with Pamela Griffin, Dina Leonhardt Koehly and Gail Sattler)
   Blue Ridge Brides (2007) (with Lynn A Coleman and Tamela Hancock Murray)
   Colonial Christmas Brides (2007) (with Irene Brand)
   Kentucky Brides (2007) (with Irene Brand and Yvonne Lehman)
   Mountaineer Dreams (2009) (with Yvonne Lehman)
   A Blue and Gray Christmas (2009) (with Vickie McDonough, Tamela Hancock Murray and Carrie Turansky)
   A Quaker Christmas (2011) (with Ramona K Cecil, Rachael Phillips and JoAnn Robisheaux)
   Red Rock Weddings (2011)
   A Plain and Sweet Christmas Romance Collection (2016) (with Ramona K Cecil, Dianne Christner, Melanie Dobson, Jerry S Eicher, Olivia Newport, Rachael Phillips, Claire Sanders and Anna Schmidt)
   The Second Chance Brides Collection (2017) (with Angela Breidenbach, Ramona K Cecil, Pamela Griffin, Pam Hillman, Laura V Hilton, Grace Hitchcock, Tiffany Amber Stockton and Liz Tolsma)
   The Southern Belle Brides Collection (2018) (with Ramona K Cecil, Dianne Christner, Lynn A Coleman, Patty Smith Hall, Grace J Hitchcock and Connie Stevens)
   The Erie Canal Brides Collection (2019) (with Johnnie Alexander, Ramona K Cecil, Rita Gerlach, Sherri Wilson Johnson, Rose Allen McCauley and Christina Miller)
   Homefront Heroines (2020) (with Johnnie Alexander, Amanda Barratt and Rita Gerlach)