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TAMELA HANCOCK MURRAY lives in Northern Virginia with her two daughters and her husband of over twenty years. She keeps busy with church and school activities, but in her spare-time she's written seven Bible trivia books and twenty Christian romance novels and novellas.

Genres: Inspirational, Romance
   Rescue (2001) (with Lauralee Bliss, Wanda E Brunstetter and Pamela Griffin)
   City Dreams (2001) (with Linda Lyle, Christine Lynxwiler and Kathleen Paul)
   Prairie County Fair (2002) (with Freda Chrisman, Lynn A Coleman and Christine Lynxwiler)
   Highland Legacy (2004) (with Tracey V Bateman, Pamela Griffin and Jill Stengl)
   Sweet Treats (2004) (with Wanda E Brunstetter, Birdie L Etchison and Pamela Griffin)
   Brides O' the Emerald Isle (2005) (with Vickie McDonough and Linda Windsor)
   One Christmas Angel (2005) (with Pamela Griffin)
   Masquerade (2005) (with Bonnie Blythe, Pamela Griffin and Jill Stengl)
   Angels for Christmas (2005) (with Pamela Griffin, Sandra Petit and Gail Sattler)
   Blue Ridge Brides (2007) (with Lauralee Bliss and Lynn A Coleman)
   A Blue and Gray Christmas (2009) (with Lauralee Bliss, Vickie McDonough and Carrie Turansky)
   Seaside Romance (2010) (with Darlene Franklin and Lynette Sowell)
   A Woodland Christmas (2010) (with Ramona K Cecil, Darlene Franklin and Janelle Mowery)
   Texas Brides Collection (2013) (with Darlene Franklin, DiAnn Mills, Darlene Mindrup, Lynette Sowell, Michelle Ule and Kathleen Y'Barbo)
   The British Brides Collection (2014) (with Bonnie Blythe, Pamela Griffin, Kelly Eileen Hake, Gail Gaymer Martin and Jill Stengl)
   The Sweet Surprise Romance Collection (2015) (with Kristin Billerbeck, Wanda E Brunstetter, Kristy Dykes, Birdie L Etchison, Aisha Ford, Pamela Griffin, Joyce Livingston and Gail Sattler)
   The Timeless Love Romance Collection (2015) (with Dianne Christner, Lynn A Coleman, Nancy J Farrier, DiAnn Mills, Darlene Mindrup, Jennifer Rogers Spinola and Pamela Kaye Tracy)
   Mountain Christmas Brides (2016) (with Mildred Colvin, Mary Davis, Susan Page Davis, Lena Nelson Dooley, Darlene Franklin, Debby Lee, Carrie Turansky and Gina Welborn)
   Bygone Christmas Brides (2017) (with Ginny Aiken, Carla Olson Gade, Pamela Griffin, Jill Stengl and Gina Welborn)