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Marian Babson

(Ruth Stenstreem)
USA flag (1929 - 2017)

Marian Babson was born in Salem, Massachusetts, but in London for the greater part of her life. She worked as a librarian, a receptionist, a secretary, and a den mother to a firm of commercial artists, and was co-editor of a knitting machine magazine despite the fact that she can’t knit, even with two needles. A long sojourn as a temp sent her into the heart of business life all over London, working for architects, law firms, the British Museum, a Soho club, and even a visiting superstar. She also served as secretary to the Crime Writers’ Association.
Brimful Coffers
1. Canapes For The Kitties (1996)
     aka Miss Petunia's Last Case
2. Please Do Feed the Cat (2004)
     aka Retreat from Murder