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Sherri Bryan

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Give Sherri Bryan a cup of tea, a good book, and a comfortable chair, and She's happy!

She grew up in the UK, never far away from an Enid Blyton or Roald Dahl book. These days, though, She lives in Spain and reads everything from women's fiction and romance to biographies and cookbooks to children's fiction and thrillers.

In 2015, She read her first cozy mystery and knew She'd found a genre She loved to read, and wanted to write in. At the time, that particular genre wasn't familiar to her although She soon found out that She'd loved 'Cozy Mysteries' for years, She just hadn't known that's what they were called!

When She's not scribbling down ideas for new stories, or tapping away on her laptop, you’ll most likely find her with her nose in a book, rustling up something experimental in the kitchen, or out with her rescue dog, George, who has her well and truly wrapped around his little paw.

Genres: Cozy Mystery