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A G Cascone

(Annette and Gina Cascone)

A.G. Cascone is actually TWO authors, and they are, in fact, a sister act -- Annette Cascone (right) and Gina Cascone (left) write together as A.G. Cascone. Like many siblings, their childhood was fraught with rivalries and fond memories. Their parents, Pete and Shirley, always pushed them to follow their dreams, and gave them the support to accomplish their goals. Life experiences have given them tremendous talents, fabulous storytelling abilities, and a remarkable sense of humor.

Deadtime Stories
   1. Terror in Tiny Town (1996)
   2. Invasion of the Appleheads (1996)
   3. Along Came a Spider (1996)
   4. Ghost Knight (1996)
   5. Revenge of the Goblins (1996)
   6. Little Magic Shop of Horrors (1997)
   7. It Came from the Deep (1997)
   8. Grave Secrets (1997)
   9. Mirror, Mirror (1997)
   10. Grandpa's Monster Movies (1997)
   11. Nightmare on Planet X (1997)
   12. Welcome to the Terror-Go-Round (1997)
   13. The Beast of Baskerville (1997)
   14. Trapped in Tiny Town (1997)
   15. Cyber Scare (1997)
   16. Night of the Pet Zombies (1997)
   17. Faerie Tale (1997)
   The Witching Game (2012)
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