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Barbra Campbell

Barbra Campbell writes fast and hot contemporary romance/erotic romance as an escape from the regular world. When she was raising her natural born children, exchange students, dogs, cats, birds, horses, chickens, a rabbit, and a cow, she found time to nearly get her PhD in Genetics, help with her husband's construction company, play cello in multiple symphonies, and volunteer for roughly seven hundred organizations.

Life happened. New paths were taken, and she's finally escaped most of the rat race to dream up sexy fantasy worlds where the characters are guaranteed a Happily Ever After, or at least a Happy For Now! And since she's busy, she appreciates stories that get right to the point!

Genres: Romance, New Adult Romance
   Leave Me Breathless: The Ivy Collection (2019) (with HJ Bellus, H C Bentley, Lyssa Cole, KL Donn, DL Gallie, Heather Guimond, Lexi Hart, Sophia Henry, Natalie Hill, K L Humphreys, Sonya Jesus, C M Lally, Ashley Lane, Samantha Lind, Kim Loraine, Tamara Lush, Kiersten Modglin, Samantha Morgan, M Piper, A C Williams, Dakota Willink and Michelle Windsor)
   Leave Me Breathless: The Moonflower Collection (2020) (with Lyssa Cole, Heather Guimond, Lexi Hart, Kiersten Modglin, Samantha Morgan, M Piper and A C Williams)