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Catherine Chidgey

Catherine Chidgey (born 8 April 1970) is an award-winning New Zealand novelist and short-story writer. Her honours include the inaugural Prize in Modern Letters;the Katherine Mansfield Fellowship to Menton, France; Best First Book at both the New Zealand Book Awards and the Commonwealth Writers' Prize (South East Asia and Pacific Region); the Acorn Foundation Fiction Prize; and the Janet Frame Fiction Prize. She lives near Hamilton in New Zealand.

Genres: Historical
   In a Fishbone Church (1998)
   Golden Deeds (2000)
     aka The Strength of the Sun
   The Transformation (2003)
   The Wish Child (2017)
   The Beat of the Pendulum (2018)
   Remote Sympathy (2020)
Betty Trask Award Best First Novel nominee (1999) : In a Fishbone Church