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Ann Napolitano is the author of the novels A Good Hard Look and Within Arms Reach. She received an MFA from New York University; she teaches fiction writing for New York Universitys School of Continuing and Professional Studies and for Gotham Writers Workshop. She lives in New York City with her husband and two children.

Genres: Literary Fiction, Historical

Ann Napolitano recommends
If I Had Your Face (2020)
Frances Cha
"It’s difficult to believe that this is Frances Cha’s first novel—she’s a masterful storyteller. I was riveted reading about a world I knew nothing about, and from the first page, it was clear Cha was the best possible guide."
The Book of V. (2020)
Anna Solomon
"The Book of V. is brainy and sexy and roots us so completely in these three women’s bodies and lives, that I couldn’t put it down. The writing is so brilliant some passages took my breath away, and when I thought I knew where the novel was headed, I was wrong. This novel is a gift, and I highly recommend you read it."
Friends and Strangers (2020)
J Courtney Sullivan
"J. Courtney Sullivan is one of our great literary treasures, and Friends and Strangers is permeated with her brilliance and heart. The novel is a captivating, wise, laugh-out-loud-funny story about the life-changing friendship between Elisabeth, a new mom, and Sam, her college-age babysitter. I loved this novel from the first word to the last."
Miss Benson's Beetle (2020)
Rachel Joyce
"I fell in love with the unlikely friendship between two wildly different women—their devotion to each other as they trek up and down mountains in someplace called New Caledonia is a hysterical delight. This novel made me realize how hungry I am for stories about women loving each other into being their best selves."
In the Quick (2021)
Kate Hope Day
"I read In the Quick with wonder at the deeply imaginative world Kate Hope Day created. Feminist and thrilling, this novel centers around a precocious, brilliant character named June. I happily followed June into deep space, but I would have followed her anywhere. What a wonderful story. I highly recommend this novel."
Gold Diggers (2021)
Sanjena Sathian
"Gold Diggers is so many things—truly funny, insightful, smart, and filled with wonderful characters. I loved reading this novel, and loved watching Neil Narayan grow up and grapple with the America his immigrant parents believed in. Neil's journey to figuring out what he believes, which includes a multi-layered exploration into the properties of gold, and his strange and wonderful friendship with his next door neighbor, Anita, make this story unmissable."
What Comes After (2021)
JoAnne Tompkins
"JoAnne Tompkins writes about the people in this small town with wisdom and grace."
Morningside Heights (2021)
Joshua Henkin
"Morningside Heights is a lovely novel, and a moving meditation on how the act of loving a specific person changes us. When Pru Steiner’s marriage to Spence Robin is tragically cut short, she has to take stock of who she has become in the intervening years. Henkin has written a beautifully nuanced story that I was unable to put down."
This Shining Life (2021)
Harriet Kline
"Harriet Kline’s This Shining Life captivated me because it’s peopled with lovely and lovable characters who are all trying to solve the problem of grief. Ollie, at eleven years old, sees this equation in the starkest terms, but his mother, Ruth, Aunt Nessa, and grandparents are all struggling, too, following the death of Ollie’s dad, Rich. This beautiful book shows us that grief is not a problem to solve but an expression of love, as we watch a family come together in the most heartwarming way."
The Good Left Undone (2022)
Adriana Trigiani
"A wildly entertaining story about the life of the remarkable Italian nurse Domenica Cabrelli and her daughter Matelda. The novel is a wonderful love story, rife with sea captains and childhood sweethearts and a family that never gives up on one another. I adored it."
Marrying the Ketchups (2022)
Jennifer Close
"This novel is laugh-out-loud funny, and deeply resonant to our times. I was so happy to be in the Sullivan family's Chicago bar, caught in the swirl of three generations of grudges, love affairs and fraught personal decisions. Jennifer Close has written a smart, hilarious book that I was delighted to escape into."
Walk the Vanished Earth (2022)
Erin Swan
"Erin Swan's debut novel enthralled me from the first page. Walk the Vanished Earth is weird, wonderful and beautifully written; I never knew what would happen next, but was deeply satisfied by each turn of the story. A floating city! Seven generations of a single family line! Life on Mars! I highly recommend this novel."
It All Comes Down to This (2022)
Therese Anne Fowler
"It All Comes Down to This answered a need I didn't even know I had-to read a big-hearted novel about middle-aged women reckoning with their own heavy secrets, and each other. This novel is entertaining, in the best sense of the word, and a true page-turner."

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