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Ella March Chase

A pseudonym used by Kimberly Cates

Ella March Chase knew even as a young girl that she was going to be a great writer.

Ella March Chase combined her love of researching, history, and spinning stories to produce the novel "The Virgin Queen's Daughter". She keeps to the historical facts, figures, and background, but adds her own possible twist to the novel. There was always the rumor that Queen Elizabeth I bore a secret child and Ella March Chase made the rumor believable in this fascinating work.

Ella March Chase's debut novel was a success and here's hoping she writes more historical fiction works with history and fiction blended so perfectly. She resides in Moine, Illinois and has a great love of Cavalier King Charles spaniels.
   The Virgin Queen's Daughter (2008)
   Three Maids for a Crown (2011)
     aka The Nine Day Queen
   The Queen's Dwarf (2014)