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aka Ellen Kelly, Jan Oliver

A fifth generation Texan, Jan Hudson is an award winning author of over 30 romance novels. Her many awards include the Golden Heart and the coveted RITA award from Romance Writers of America. She writes the kind of fast-paced stories she likes to read: those laced with humor, fantasy, and adventure, with bold characters who reach beyond the mundane and celebrate life.

She's also Dr. Janece O. Hudson, a former college teacher and licensed psychologist as well as an expert on dreams and author of the non-fiction "Into Your Dreams," which deals with learning to interpret your unique dreams.


Genres: Romance, Inspirational
Women on the Run
   1. Step into My Parlor (1990)
   2. One Tough Texan (1994)
   3. Rogue Fever (1995)
Berringer Brothers
   1. Big and Bright (1991)
   2. Call Me Sin (1992)
   3. Slightly Shady (1994)
Struck by Lightning
   1. Sunny Says (1992)
   2. Hot Streak (1994)
   3. Sweet Land of Liberty (1991) (as by Ellen Kelly)
We Meet Again
   1. Dream of Me (1995)
   2. Angel Hours (1996)
Texas Outlaws
   1. The Sheriff (2004)
   2. The Judge (2004)
   3. The Cop (2004)
   4. The Rebel (2006)
   5. The Texas Ranger (2007)
   6. The Twin (2009)
   7. The Maverick (2010)
   The Perfect Love Test (1987) (as by Jan Oliver)
   Water Witch (1988)
   The Right Moves (1989)
   Dawn Rider (1990)
   Deeper and Deeper (1990)
   Always Friday (1990)
   In Roared Flint (1996)
   Sugar Anne (1998)
   A Hitch in Heaven (1999)
   Plain Jane's Texan (1999)
   Wild about a Texan (2002)
   Her Texan Tycoon (2002)
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