Francis Clark

USA flag (d.2007)

Francis Clark was born in what may be the most beautiful and haunting city in America–Savannah, Georgia. Stories hide in the oak trees there, and the city embraces its residents as if it’s alive (which many people swear to be true). As with most old southern families, stories are hidden in his family as well, with drunkards, suicides, and even a brothel madam balancing out Cherokees and Virginia patriots.

He attended elementary school in Savannah and was then went to Georgia Military Academy (now Woodward Academy) in Atlanta. Francis attended college at Occidental College in Los Angeles in the late 60s, majoring in drama. After graduation, he joined the Navy and served in the submarine force for six years. Following his time in the service, he embarked upon a career in advertising, where he worked as an account executive and copywriter. He then shifted to the client side, becoming a marketing communications manager. In that job he published over a hundred articles in various magazines and industry journals as well as numerous sales brochures for his clients.

After almost twenty years in the industry, he became a freelancer. During his freelance years he was an HTML programmer, a magazine editor, a freelance copywriter, and the manager of a motorcycle shop.

He had a lifelong love of two wheels and was a rider and enthusiast, fond of Buells and Ducatis. He also published numerous articles as a motorcycle journalist. In his 50s he decided to devote himself full time to writing. He attended the University of Georgia, earning an MA in English (creative writing).
Unfortunately, Francis Clark passed away unexpectedly in the Spring of 2007.