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Julie Cantrell was born in Louisiana, where she grew up running barefoot over fire ant beds, swimming with alligators, and eating crawfish. Today, she lives with her husband and two spirited children in Mississippi, hallowed ground for many famous authors.

Genres: Inspirational
Non fiction
   Crescendo (2019) (with Allen Cheney)
Julie Cantrell recommends
The Cage-Maker (2017)
Nicole Seitz
"In her seventh novel, The Cage-maker, Nicole Seitz has crafted one of the most original and fascinating stories I’ve read in ages. With elaborate settings, mysterious characters, impressive illustrations, and tons of suspense, Seitz has delivered a captivating time-slip novel that escapes the confines of genre and enters that sacred space of darn-good storytelling."
True Places (2019)
Sonja Yoerg
"Sonja Yoerg is a master story spinner who builds a tale of escalating intrigue while at the same time exploring emotional depths few authors are able to reach. In her latest, True Places, she keeps the reader asking, ‘What would I do?’ which is a sure sign of a knock-out novel. When she twists the plot again and again, she manages to help us escape all of our own constraints to fully embrace the journey. Beautiful, unique, suspenseful, and full of wonder, True Places is a unique gem of a novel that will leave readers with a full heart and a recharged mind. Bravo!"
We Hope for Better Things (2019)
Erin Bartels
"A timely exploration of race in America, We Hope for Better Things is an exercise of empathy that will shape many a soul. Erin Bartels navigates this sensitive topic with compassion as she shifts her readers back and forth between past and present, nudging us to examine the secrets we keep, the grudges we hold, and the prejudices we may help create even without intention."
The Sound Between the Notes (2021)
Barbara Linn Probst
"In her second novel, Barbara Linn Probst delivers yet another powerful story, balancing lyrical language with a skillfully paced plot to build a sensory-rich world that will delight those who loved Queen of the Owls and win countless new readers. Offering a deep exploration of the search for identity and connection, The Sound Between Notes reminds us to embrace everything we are—and everything that’s made us who we are."

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