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Joy Jordan-Lake

Joy Jordan-Lake lives just south of Nashville, she and her husband share life with their three fabulous children, as well as the family's sweet, needy Golden Retriever and two cats.

Genres: Historical Mystery, Historical
Picture Books
Joy Jordan-Lake recommends
The Beantown Girls (2019)
Jane Healey
"In The Beantown Girls, Jane Healey delivers a novel that whisks us to the final harrowing months of World War II in Europe, and brings it painfully, beautifully, heartbreakingly alive. Through the eyes of Fiona Denning, a Red Cross Clubmobile worker, and her colleagues, we witness firsthand not only acts of jaw-dropping courage and sacrifice, but also the romantic bonds that grow even during the horrors of war. Healey’s superb research lets us see the decimated cities, smell the doughnuts and coffee handed out at great risk on the front lines, and hear the big band music—as well as the approach of the next bomb. I loved this novel!"

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