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Sonja Yoerg grew up in Stowe, Vermont, where she financed her college education by waitressing at the Trapp Family Lodge. She earned her Ph.D. in Biological Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley, and studied learning in blue jays, kangaroo rats and spotted hyenas, among other species. Her non-fiction book about animal intelligence, Clever as a Fox (Bloomsbury USA) was published in 2001. 
While her two daughters were young, Sonja taught in their schools in California. Now that they are in college, she writes full-time.


Genres: Literary Fiction, Mystery
Non fiction
Sonja Yoerg recommends
Daughters of the Night Sky (2018)
Aimie K Runyan
"A lively and stirring tale of the brave vanguard of female pilots fighting for Russia and, as often, for respect from their male counterparts. As enthralled as I was by this dive into social and military history, it was the humanity of Daughters of the Night Sky that won me over: comrades, lovers, and families swept up and torn apart by war. Runyan delivers a well-paved and heartfelt story that fans of World War II novels should not miss."
One Night at the Lake (2019)
Bethany Chase
"Unfolds like a summer’s day, dawning warm and full of promise and ending with a bonfire of the heart . . . an entertaining and astute exploration of the joys and limitations of loyalty and friendship - exceptional!"
The Secrets of Lost Stones (2019)
Melissa Payne
"Stories of loss are often moving, but rarely are they as fulfilling and redemptive as this stirring debut…Payne spins a fast-paced tale full of tenderness and sparked with magic, illustrating how the future can transcend the past, and proving that forgiveness is the greatest virtue."
True to Me (2019)
(By the Sea , book 1)
Kay Bratt
"Heartfelt and brimming with lively characters, True to Me is a poignant reminder of the meaning of family, the importance of truth, and the power of forgiveness. Perfect for fans of Christine Nolfi and Cathy Lamb."
The Last Bathing Beauty (2020)
Amy Sue Nathan
"The Last Bathing Beauty is a pitch-perfect summer read, starring Betty ‘Boop’ Stern, a plucky heroine with a tackle box full of secrets and enough regret for a lifetime. Using dual timelines, Nathan expertly unravels the events that derailed Betty’s sparkling future in 1951 and continue to haunt her even as an eighty-four-year-old woman. Full of characters that shine and told with compassion and humor, this is women’s fiction at its best."
Queen of the Owls (2020)
Barbara Linn Probst
"Probst’s well-written and engaging debut asks a question every woman can relate to: what would you risk to be truly seen and understood? The lush descriptions of O'Keeffe's work and life enhance the story, and help frame the enduring feminist issues at its center."
Not My Boy (2021)
Kelly Simmons
"Not My Boy is a dark, rich tale of a mother's absolute love for her unusual son and of the hazards of sisterhood. Simmons is at the top of her game here, writing with confidence and candor, never hitting a wrong note or taking a false step. I felt as though Hannah, the heroine, was leading me by the hand through the dense woods surrounding her home-emblematic of her life and of the pitfalls of family allegiances-and confiding in me all her secrets. Atmospheric, tense, and authentic to the core, Not My Boy will catch you in its thrall and hold you there until the very last page."
A Million Reasons Why (2021)
Jessica Strawser
"Strawser once again displays her nuanced understanding of all the corners of the human heart."
In a Book Club Far Away (2021)
Tif Marcelo
"We might not be able to choose our family, but we can choose our friends--and the books we read. In a Book Club Far Away celebrates both these blessings through a trio of army wives who, across the span of eleven years, learn hard lessons about true friendship and forgiveness. Adelaide, Sophie, and Regina are unequivocally real, full of foibles, compassion, moxie, and humor; I wanted to shake them, then invite them over for drinks. If you're like me, you'll turn the last page then rush to call your friends, and maybe start your own book club. Make this open-hearted charmer your first selection; your friends will thank you."
The Singing Trees (2021)
Boo Walker
"The Singing Trees is more than a poignant coming-of-age story; it is a deep exploration of the intricacies of personal growth, family ties, and that most elusive and extraordinary of human gifts, forgiveness. Walker’s lively cast of characters centers around the young artist, Annalisa, whose vibrant, yearning nature lights up this story. I cared for her from the first page as she struggles, as we all do, to protect herself from heartbreak only to find that an open heart is a necessary condition for her art, and, ultimately, for happiness. Book clubs will enjoy second-guessing Annalisa’s choices, and readers everywhere will be enthralled by this clear-eyed journey into the lessons of the heart."
A Life Unraveled (2022)
Jill Hannah Anderson
"I was mesmerized by this suspenseful story, eager to learn what (or who?) was behind Lily's turmoil and how she might knit her life back together. Anderson does a stellar job in creating genuine characters, imperfect like all of us. I feared for Lily, and cheered for her, and know you will, too. Revel in this well-paced, heartfelt story about family, failings, and forgiveness."

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