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Killian Carter

Killian Carter was born with a blaster in his hand (it was a complicated delivery) and grew up hunting cyborg aliens and a variety of extradimensional beings. He specializes in tracking and capturing space-ware-vampire-ninjas aka the TRAPPIST-1e leprechaun. Killian is well versed in the use of advanced photon weaponry, intergalactic quantum spacecraft, and a wide range of technology the government doesn't want you to know about. On weekends, Killian likes to kick back with a space-beer and a top-secret data crystal he stole from the REDACTED archives. Killian is rarely seen without his automaton chihuahua, Tequilabot.

Warning: Killian will not hunt endangered Centauri unicorns or nebula pixies for you, so please don't ask. If you insist on asking anyway, he will set his robot chihuahua on you.
   Paradigm: Three shots of science fiction (2017)
   Glimpses (2017) (with Killian C Carter, Meg Cowley, Victoria DeLuis, Eloise Hamann, Tom Hansen, Adrian G Hilder, JC Kang, Nicholas Kotar, Georgina Makalani, Stefan M Nardi, Kevin Partner, Kevin Potter, Craig A Price Jr, Shawn R, S K Randolph, Cameron Wayne Smith, Shawn Robert Smith and Sarah K L Wilson)
   Alien Days (2019) (with Quincy J Allen, PP Corcoran, Charles E Gannon, Mitch Goth, S K Gregory, J R Handley, David M Hoenig, Mark P Lynch and Corey D Truax)