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Jason Anspach is a best selling author living in Tacoma, Washington with his wife and their own legionnaire squad of seven (not a typo) children. In addition to science fiction, Jason is the author of the hit comedy-paranormal-historical-detective series, `til Death. Jason loves his family as well as hiking and camping throughout the beautiful Pacific Northwest. And Star Wars. He named as many of his kids after Obi Wan as possible, and knows that Han shot first.

Genres: Science Fiction
   In Your Closet and In Your Head (2017) (with Steve Beaulieu, Michael Bunker, Nick Cole, Aaron Hall, M G Herron, Martin Ingham, A K Meek and Kevin G Summers)
   Masters of Space Opera (2020) (with Jay Allan, Daniel Arenson, J N Chaney, Joshua Dalzelle, Ken Lozito and Jasper T Scott)
Series contributed to
Apocalypse Weird (with Stefan Bolz, Michael Bunker, Nick Cole, Jennifer Ellis, Hank Garner, Ed Gosney, Kevin G Summers and Kim Wells)
   Apocalypse Weird: Last Meal (2015)
Jason Anspach recommends
Web of Eyes (2018)
(Buried Goddess, book 1)
Rhett C Bruno and Jaime Castle
"Bruno and Castle built an epic fantasy world that captivates the imagination and brings the reading on a thrilling adventure that will leave the devotees of fantasy eager for the next tale."
Breaking Gods (2019)
D J Molles
"Breaking Gods is one of those books I couldn't put down. Molles filled the pages with gritty, intense action that drove the story to a satisfying conclusion and left me eager for more."

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