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Anna DeForest

From a very young age, Anna DeForest knew that she wanted to be a writer. She finished her first book-length piece of fiction in the fifth grade. Rustlers of the High Country, the exciting tale of two little girls outwitting cattle thieves (complete with truly remarkable illustrations!) was unfortunately never published. It did whet her appetite for telling tales, however. Her professional dreams were realized when Kensington bought her historical romance, The Courtship. She was actually watching Sesame Street with her four year old when she received the "good news call" from her agent, but she managed to tear herself away from Big Bird long enough to listen to the terms of her new contract.

Before becoming an author, Anna graduated Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude from Middlebury College. A lifelong history buff, she also taught the subject at both the elementary and junior high school levels.

Growing up in Colorado gave Anna a lifelong taste for outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing. She also married a total jock (there is no room in their garage for another piece of sporting equipment)! With her husband, she has taken up a variety of sports from windsurfing to SCUBA diving. She also enjoys gardening, which is currently quite a challenge because the deer in the Connecticut woods around her home eat her flowers as fast as she can plant themThese days, Anna is trying to make the best possible use of her two-year-old's naptime to write more books.

Genres: Historical Romance, Romance