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Nelson DeMille

(Nelson Richard DeMille)
USA flag (b.1943)

aka Jack Cannon, Kurt Ladner, Brad Matthews

Nelson DeMille is the New York Times bestselling author of twenty novels, six of which were #1 New York Times bestsellers. His novels include The Cuban Affair, Radiant Angel, Plum Island, The Charm SchoolThe Gold Coast, and The General’s Daughter, which was made into a major motion picture, starring John Travolta and Madeleine Stowe. He has written short stories, book reviews, and articles for magazines and newspapers. Nelson DeMille is a combat-decorated U.S. Army veteran, a member of Mensa, Poets & Writers, and the Authors Guild, and a member and past president of the Mystery Writers of America. He is also a member of the International Thriller Writers, who honored him as 2015 ThrillerMaster of the Year. He lives on Long Island with his family.

Genres: Thriller, Mystery
Joe Ryker (as by Jack Cannon)
   1. The Sniper (1989)
   2. The Hammer of God (1989)
   3. The Smack Man (1989)
   4. The Cannibal (1991)
   5. Night of the Phoenix (1989)
   6. The Death Squad (1991)
John Corey
   0.5. The Book Case (2012)
   1. Plum Island (1997)
   2. The Lion's Game (2000)
   3. Night Fall (2004)
   4. Wild Fire (2006)
   5. The Lion (2010)
   6. The Panther (2012)
   7. Radiant Angel (2015)
     aka A Quiet End
   8. The Maze (2022)
   Hitler's Children (1976) (as by Kurt Ladner)
   Killer Sharks (1976) (as by Brad Matthews)
   By the Rivers of Babylon (1978)
   Mayday (1979) (with Thomas H Block)
   Cathedral (1981)
   The Talbot Odyssey (1984)
   A Word of Honor (1985)
   The Charm School (1988)
   Spencerville (1994)
   The Quest (2013)
   The Cuban Affair (2017)
   The Deserter (2019) (with Alex Demille)
Nelson DeMille recommends
The Moscow Club (1991)
Joseph Finder
"One of the best plotted, best written and most believable novels yet written about political conspiracy."
Private Lies (1991)
Warren Adler
"Private Lies is as juicy and wicked a tale of love, lust, and adultery as Fatal Attraction. Warren Adler has a very fine ear for dialogue and a remarkable ability to plumb the depths of human passion and obsession. This novel should set the institution of marriage back ten years."
Boomer (1994)
Charles D Taylor
"Tom Clancy, move over... One of the best naval thrillers since Red October."
China Dome (1995)
William H Lovejoy
"Thoroughly engaging!"
The Man Who Lied to Women (1995)
(Kathleen Mallory, book 2)
Carol O'Connell
"Mallory is one of the most unique, interesting, and surprising heroines you've ever come across in any work of fiction."
Official Privilege (1995)
P T Deutermann
"P. T. Deutermann invents a new genre - a military detection novel with all the action, adventure and insider knowledge that we have come to expect from him. A must read."
Bloody Waters (1996)
(Lupe Solano, book 1)
Carolina Garcia-Aguilera
Bitter Truth (1997)
(Victor Carl, book 2)
William Lashner
"A terrifically entertaining and scary novel."
Remote Control (1997)
(Dr. Alan Gregory, book 5)
Stephen White
"Dark and fascinating... Stephen White writes thrillers of the first order."
Ladies of the Night (1998)
John Westermann
"John Westermann is the East Coast Wambaugh: tough, funny, ironic, and real... Ladies of the Night is Primary Colors with guns."
The Elvis and Marilyn Affair (1999)
(Neil Gulliver and Stevie Marriner, book 1)
Robert S Levinson
"One of the funniest, sexiest, and best written novels to come along in years."
Y2K (1999)
R J Pineiro
"His writing has the force and polish of a veteran suspense novelist."
The Runner (2000)
Christopher Reich
"THE RUNNER is a wonderful novel, a sophisticated story of conspiracy, treachery and political intrigue populated by larger-than-life characters."
On Ice (2000)
David Ramus
"Absolutely engrossing... Ramus' writing is as good as it gets."
Scavenger (2000)
Tom Savage
"As good and surprising as anything I have read in years. Do not peek at the last page!"
Bad Boy (2001)
Olivia Goldsmith
"Olivia Goldsmith at her best."
L.U.C.I in The Sky (2001)
Chris Fox
"A breathtaking 21st century spy novel."
Conclave (2001)
(Holy See Trilogy, book 1)
Greg Tobin
"A wonderful book... A beautifully rendered story of faith and devotion, blended with good old-fashioned intrigue and adventure."
Black Water Transit (2001)
Carsten Stroud
"You're not going to put it down."
The Bishop Goes to the University (2002)
(Father Blackie Ryan, book 14)
Andrew M Greeley
"A master storyteller."
The Lions Of Lucerne (2002)
(Scot Harvath, book 1)
Brad Thor
"An unforgettable debut....Well-written, fast-paced, great characters, fascinating plot, and a climax in the Swiss Alps that will give the reader a case of vertigo."
The Fourth Perimeter (2002)
Tim Green
"Tim Green is a master."
Derailed (2003)
James Siegel
"Intense and startling...a top-notch novel of suspense with unexpected twists that are shocking and satisfying...will keep readers hooked to the last page. With complex characters, tight plotting, and powerful writing, DERAILED is high-quality entertainment."
Flash Point (2003)
Paul Adam
"Wonderfully plotted, fast-paced and refreshingly original."
The Da Vinci Code (2003)
(Robert Langdon, book 2)
Dan Brown
"Dan Brown has to be one of the best, smartest, and most accomplished writers in the country. The Da Vinci Code is many notches above the intelligent thriller; this is pure genius."
Dead Ringer (2003)
(Rosato and Associates, book 8)
Lisa Scottoline
"Lisa Scottoline's legal suspense novels are a law unto themselves - biting humor, social satire, snappy dialogue, and surprising plot twists."
The Last Good Day (2003)
Peter Blauner
"Mesmerizing... a masterpiece."
Hawke (2003)
(Alex Hawke, book 1)
Ted Bell
"Hawke is a fast-paced adventure...truly an exciting read."
Takedown (2003)
(Gavin Pierce, book 2)
W G Griffiths
"W. G. Griffiths enters the world of Rice, King and Straub."
Murderers Prefer Blondes (2003)
(Paige Turner Mysteries, book 1)
Amanda Matetsky
"This is more than a murder mystery; this is great writing by a fresh talent."
Mortal Remains (2003)
(Dr. Earl Garnet, book 4)
Peter Clement
"Exciting and original."
The Final Procedure (2004)
Stan Pottinger
"This isn't just great suspense, but a kind of mind terror you can't forget."
Pride Runs Deep (2005)
(Jack Tremain Submarine Thriller, book 1)
R Cameron Cooke
"A great submarine story, on par with The Hunt for Red October."
Legacy of Masks (2005)
(Mary Crow, book 4)
Sallie Bissell
"Mary Crow is one of the toughest and sharpest investigators in the genre and totally captivating."
Heat Sync (2005)
Wes DeMott
"Wes DeMott not only writes well, he writes with passion and conviction."
Don't Close Your Eyes (2005)
(Stephanie Chalice, book 1)
Lawrence Kelter
"Lawrence Kelter reminds me of an early Robert Ludlum."
I'll Never Be Long Gone (2005)
Thomas Christopher Greene
"Thomas Christopher Greene is a major new voice in American fiction."
Resistance (2006)
Daniel Kalla
"Daniel Kalla joins a select list of doctors who know how to keep you up all night with their writing."
Leapholes (2006)
James Grippando
"James Grippando is a very inventive and ingenious storyteller."
Sign of the Cross (2006)
(Payne and Jones, book 2)
Chris Kuzneski
"Chris Kuzneski is a remarkable new writer, who completely understands what makes for a good story: action, sex, suspense, humor, and great characters."
Gambit (2008)
(Cameron Talbot, book 2)
Karna Small Bodman
"A truly frightening story with the crystal ring of truth and authenticity, well written and plotted and as topical as a novel can get."
Bad Things Happen (2009)
(David Loogan, book 1)
Harry Dolan
"A wonderfully moody and atmospheric story reminiscent of the masters of the noir mysteries. Tightly plotted, sophisticated, and engrossing, this is a winner."
Outlaw (2009)
(Outlaw Chronicles, book 1)
Angus Donald
"As fast-paced as a charging warhorse. Superb!"
Among Thieves (2009)
(Scott Finn, book 4)
David Hosp
"A top-notch tale... fast-paced and gritty; Hosp knows his stuff, and it shows in this suspense."
The Dead Detective (2010)
(Dead Detective , book 1)
William Heffernan
"Heffernan is a master of scene, setting, characterizations, plot, and dialogue."
Don't Ever Get Old (2012)
(Buck Schatz, book 1)
Daniel Friedman
"Wonderfully original and totally engrossing."
The Sixth Station (2013)
(Alessandra Russo, book 1)
Linda Stasi
"A hell of a religious thriller."
Red Sparrow (2013)
(Dominika Egorova & Nathaniel Nash, book 1)
Jason Matthews
"Not since the good old days of the Cold War has a classic spy thriller like RED SPARROW come along. Jason Matthews is not making it up; he has lived this life and this story, and it shows on every page. High-level espionage, pulse-pounding danger, sex, double agents and double crosses. What more can any reader want?"
Beloved Enemy (2013)
(Jack McClure, book 5)
Eric Van Lustbader
"The master of the smart thriller."
Runner (2014)
(Sam Dryden, book 1)
Patrick Lee
"Rarely is a story both plot-driven and character-driven, but Runner does this and more. An amazing, high-speed, high-octane novel that moves faster than most people can read. There has to be a better word than ‘thriller' to describe Runner. How about thrillingest?"
The Kind Worth Killing (2015)
(Henry Kimball, book 1)
Peter Swanson
"An extraordinarily well-written tale of deceit and revenge told by a very gifted writer. Peter Swanson takes us on a harrowing journey through the hearts and minds of a cast of characters who seem normal on the outside, but are deliciously abnormal on the inside."
Fletcher's Glorious 1st of June (2015)
(Fletcher, book 2)
John Drake
"Swashbuckling adventure on the high seas."
Last Words (2015)
(Markus Novak, book 1)
Michael Koryta
"Absolutely breathtaking...Michael Koryta is a master at maintaining suspense and a hell of a good writer. Those Who Wish Me Dead is one of the best chase-and-escape novels you'll read this year...The pace never lets up."
Where It Hurts (2016)
(Gus Murphy, book 1)
Reed Farrel Coleman
"Reed Farrel Coleman introduces a great new character, Gus Murphy, a street savvy ex-cop who operates beneath the glitter of the Gold Coast and the glitz of the Hamptons in a Long Island that few outsiders ever see. Where It Hurts is a gut punch of a novel, a murder mystery layered with grief, greed, and grit. Coleman is as good as Chandler, Hammett or Ed McBain."
The Plea (2016)
(Eddie Flynn, book 2)
Steve Cavanagh
"If you're a fan of John Grisham, Scott Turow, and Brad Meltzer, then you will be a fan of Steve Cavanagh's The Defense."
Since She Went Away (2016)
David Bell
"David Bell is a natural storyteller and a superb writer."
Nothing Short of Dying (2016)
(Clyde Barr, book 1)
Erik Storey
"Nothing Short of Dying takes you into the underbelly of the American West where some things haven’t changed since the gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Erik Storey’s main character, Clyde Barr, is the quintessential man’s man, a modern version of every Wild West cowboy, sheriff, and drifter you’ve ever admired in books and film. Storey captures the American landscape in beautifully written passages that contrast starkly with the ugliness of some very bad hombres. The novel features great action scenes, fast pacing, and well-drawn characters, with sharp and blunt dialogue that always rings true."
Nest (2016)
(Jack Raines, book 1)
Terry Goodkind
"Fast paced, riveting, and scary. It will leave the reader breathless."
Marathon (2017)
(Jonathan Stride, book 8)
Brian Freeman
"Brian Freeman is a first-rate storyteller."
The Spy Across the Table (2017)
(Jim Brodie, book 4)
Barry Lancet
"Barry Lancet is a truly a gifted author, and his character of Jim Brodie is unlike any private investigator you've ever encountered in literature."
Big Guns (2018)
Steve Israel
"This book delivers what America needs now more than ever—a good laugh at ourselves. Big Guns is a satire about the gun lobby, political corruption, and Washington power, but it is more than the sum of its parts; it’s a serious indictment of America, told by a man who has spent sixteen years in Congress and knows of what he writes. Steve Israel is not only a fine writer; he is perhaps the finest, funniest, and best political satirist writing today. You don’t need to completely agree with him (I don’t) but you need to hear what he has to say. Congress should pass a law making Big Guns mandatory reading for themselves."
The Evil That Men Do (2018)
Robert Gleason
"A hell of a thriller."
The President is Missing (2018)
Bill Clinton and James Patterson
"From the pens of two American icons comes a political thriller that rocks... a helluva story."
The Banker's Wife (2018)
Cristina Alger
"The Banker's Wife is a page-turning, plot-twisting international thriller of the first order. Cristina Alger’s writing is as sophisticated and self-assured as the characters she’s created. A remarkable and intriguing journey into the rarefied world of power and money. A perfect blend of mystery, suspense, and betrayal."
Button Man (2018)
Andrew Gross
"Gross makes history come alive . . . A terrific read."
Promised Land (2018)
Martin Fletcher
"Martin Fletcher, who headed up NBC TV’s Tel Aviv News Bureau, knows his territory and it shows on every page. Promised Land is a great sweeping epic, reminiscent of Leon Uris’ Exodus; a moving story of triumph and tragedy, new love and historic hate, expertly told by a cast of unforgettable characters. Fletcher’s writing is superb and rises to the level of importance that this story demands and deserves. Historical novels don’t get much better than Promised Land."
The Fiercest Enemy (2020)
(Jack Murphy Thriller, book 9)
Rick Reed
"As Authentic and scary as thrillers get."
Red Glare (2020)
Thomas Greanias
"Thomas Greanias is A SUPERB WRITER of style and substance."
Basil's War (2021)
Stephen Hunter
"An outstanding WWII spy thriller. Basil St. Florian was the James Bond of his time."
Undermoney (2022)
Jay Newman
"From page one you are immersed in a world of international intrigue and political power play that is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Jay Newman's Undermoney combines the fresh feel and energy of a debut novel with the self-assured writing of a man who knows something we don't know and knows it well. Truly a ground-breaking, unconventional, and wildly entertaining peek behind the curtain of American politics, financial skullduggery, and high-stakes global conflict."
The Lindbergh Nanny (2022)
Mariah Fredericks
"A bold and creative retelling of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, a masterful blending of fact and fiction that is as compelling as it is entertaining. We know how this tragedy ends, but Mariah Fredericks takes us on an extraordinary journey along a different path to get there. The writing is superb and the characters--real and fictional--come alive on every page."

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