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Caroline Dunford lives in Scotland in a cottage by the sea with her partner and her two young sons. As all authors are required to have as much life experience as possible she has been, at various times, a drama coach, an archery instructor, a counsellor, a qualified psychotherapist, a charity worker, a journalist, a voice actor, a hypnotherapist and a playwright. Today she writes mainly novels, the odd (often very odd) short story, theatre plays, the occasional article, teaches and mentors. She can't remember a time when she didn't write or tell stories and seriously doubts that she could remain sane if she stopped doing so. She is currently working on more than one top secret project and is writer in residence with Edinburgh Theatre Company Siege Perilous.

Genres: Historical Mystery, Mystery, Romance
New Books
Euphemia Martins Mystery
   0. The Mistletoe Mystery (2013)
   1. A Death in the Family (2009)
   2. A Death in the Highlands (2013)
   3. A Death in the Asylum (2013)
   4. A Death In The Wedding Party (2013)
   5. A Death in the Pavilion (2014)
   6. A Death in the Loch (2014)
   7. A Death for King and Country (2015)
   8. A Death for a Cause (2015)
   9. A Death by Arson (2016)
   10. A Death Overseas (2016)
   11. A Death at Crystal Palace (2018)
   12. A Death at a Gentleman's Club (2019)
   13. A Death at the Church (2019)
   14. A Death at the Races (2020)
   15. A Death in the Hospital (2020)
   16. A Death on Stage (2021)
   17. Death of a Dead Man (2023)
Daniel Truce Mystery (as by C J Dunford)
   1. Only the Dead Know (2018)
   2. Into the Wild Woods (2018)
Hope Stapleford Mystery
   1. Hope for the Innocent (2020)
   2. Hope to Survive (2021)
   3. Hope for Tomorrow (2022)
   4. Hope Under Fire (2024)
   The Mapmaker's Daughter (2014)
   Highland Inheritance (2014)
   Playing for Love (2015)
   Fake News (2021) (as by C J Dunford)
   Holiday Fling (2014) (with others)
   Wishing on a Star (2015) (with others)

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