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David Duchovny

USA flag (b.1960)

David William Duchovny is an American actor, writer, producer, director, novelist, and singer-songwriter.

Genres: Literary Fiction, Fantasy

David Duchovny recommends
This Love Story Will Self-Destruct (2018)
Leslie Cohen
"Leslie Cohen's writing floats effortlessly. She is like a young Nora Ephron who finds the hysteria, hysterics, and hysterical humor in this New York City novel of 21st century manners. But after laughing, look more closely and you will find real heart, hard earned wisdom, and a fresh original voice for her generation."
The Spinster Diaries (2020)
Gina Fattore
"Gina Fattore writes like the voice of your best friend in your head - that ideal friend whose unflagging support, self-effacing humor, painful honesty, easy rhythm, and bravery in all things great and small you want to turn to in times of distress. This is a rare and tricky feat only accomplished by the wittiest of writers. She also gets Hollywood exactly right. She sweats the small stuff hilariously, and gracefully handles the big stuff like the witty adult in the room. And the rooms she’s been in contain a serious shortage of adults. Like Carrie Fisher, Fattore is funny as hell and in love with words and curious things; she’s the quiet voice at the dinner party that you realize is also the smartest and funniest right around the time dessert appears. Once I realized she wasn’t going to write about me in The Spinster Diaries, I relaxed and really enjoyed it. But I then got disappointed that I wasn’t being subjected to her kind and ruthless gaze. Maybe in the sequel."

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