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David Drake

(David Allen Drake)
USA flag (1945 - )

David Drake, an attorney and veteran SF and fantasy author, lives near Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Tom Kelly
1. Skyripper (1983)
2. Fortress (1987)
Loose Cannon (omnibus) (2011)
World of Crystal Walls
1. The Sea Hag (1988)
1. Northworld (1990)
2. Vengeance (1991)
3. Justice (1992)
Northworld Trilogy (omnibus) (1999)



ARC Riders (with Janet Morris)
1. ARC Riders (1995)
2. The Fourth Rome (1996)



Series contributed to

Anthology series

Battlestation (with Bill Fawcett)
1. Battlestation (1992)
2. The Vanguard (1993)
Anthologies edited
Anthologies containing stories by David Drake
Short stories
The Butcher's Bill [short story]
Caught in the Crossfire [short story]
Cultural Conflict
Standing Down
Killer [short story] (1974) (with Karl Edward Wagner)
The Shortest Way (1974)
Under the Hammer (1974)
Awakening (1975)
The Barrow Troll (1975)World Fantasy (nominee)
But Loyal to His Own (1975)
Dragon's Teeth (1975)
Something Had to Be Done (1975)
Blood Debt (1976)
Children of the Forest (1976)
Firefight (1976)
The Hunting Ground (1976)
Smokie Joe (1977)
Best of Luck (1978)
Nemesis Place (1978)
The Red Leer (1979)
The Automatic Rifleman (1980)
Men Like Us (1980)
Than Curse the Darkness (1980)
The Dancer in the Flames (1982)
Out of Africa (1983)
The Fool (1987)
Rescue Mission (1988)
The End of the Hunt (1989)
Cannibal Plants From Heck (1994)
A Very Offensive Weapon (1995)
Dragon, the Book (1999)
The Tradesmen (2000)

World Fantasy Best Short Story nominee (1976) : The Barrow Troll

David Drake recommends

Cyberstealth (1989)
(Cyberstealth, book 1)
Shariann Lewitt
"Vivid glimpses of high-tech hardware, and the black paranoid universe of a military at war."

Legion of the Damned (1993)
(Legion of the Damned, book 1)
William C Dietz
"A tough, moving novel of future warfare."
Child of the Eagle
Child of the Eagle (1996)
Esther Friesner
"A remarkable and remarkably good book."

The Seer King (1997)
(Seer King, book 1)
Chris Bunch
"A vast and intricate tapestry woven by a writer who knows both history and war."

The Sum of All Men (1998)
(Runelords, book 1)
David Farland
"In The Runelords David Farland has created a vivid, detailed, different world that becomes perfectly believable. The characters are real, the action fast, and the sum a brilliant and engrossing novel."
The Outlanders
The Outlanders (1998)
(LonTobyn, book 2)
David B Coe
"The Outlanders is an unusual, excellent novel of triumph and redemption. Very well done."
A Cavern of Black Ice
A Cavern of Black Ice (1999)
(Sword of Shadows, book 1)
J V Jones
"A Cavern Of Black Ice has vivid action, real characters, and a richly detailed setting. It's a splendid achievement."
Illumination (2001)
(Eiden Myr, book 1)
Terry McGarry
"Illumination is unique, a fantasy as richly complex as the sutures of an ammonite's shell. Quite marvelous!"
Gods in Darkness
Gods in Darkness (2002)
Karl Edward Wagner
"These are the novels that returned heroic fantasy to the vitality it had when Robert E. Howard committed suicide."

Gods of Fire and Thunder (2002)
(Books of the Gods, book 5)
Fred Saberhagen
"Fred Saberhagen again shows his remarkable talent for being exotic, exciting, and comfortable all in the same work."

Kop (2007)
(Kop, book 1)
Warren Hammond
"Kop is about as good as noir crime gets since Dashiel Hammett stopped writing. Yes I know what I just said."
Elom (2008)
William H Drinkard
"Engaging characters in a story told with the feel of a myth passed down by word of mouth."

Servant (2009)
(Dark God, book 1)
John D Brown
"A complex, powerful story of a youth trying to learn who he is and what he is, with no allies he can trust in a world stalked by a monster. A book that copies nothing I have read before and which goes its own way brilliantly."

The Desert of Souls (2011)
(Dabir and Asim, book 1)
Howard Andrew Jones
"An Arabian Nights adventure as written by Robert E Howard. It is exciting, inventive, and most of all fun."

The View from the Imperium (2011)
(Imperium , book 1)
Jody Lynn Nye
"An unusual story well-told, with characters it's a real pleasure to spend time with."

Southern Gods (2011)
John Hornor Jacobs
"Southern Gods is scary, smart, and effective both as Lovecraftian fiction and as a Southern Regional novel set in 1951."

Homeworld (2013)
(Homeworld, book 1)
Eric S Brown and Tony Faville
"A detailed, action-filled look at war's sacrifices at the sharp end and at war's pointless cynicism at the level of grand strategy."

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