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Kristin Dwyer grew up under the California sun and still prays every day for a cloudy sky. When she’s not writing books about people kissing, she and her spouse can be found encouraging their four overly opinionated misfits to get into trouble. Kristin is a part-time hair model and wants you to know she is full-time TSA PRECHECK, and one time a credible news outlet asked for her opinion on K-pop (it was the best day of her life). Please do not talk to her about your fandom, she will try to join.

Genres: Young Adult Romance
New and upcoming books
January 2024

The Atlas of Us
   Some Mistakes Were Made (2022)
   The Atlas of Us (2024)
Kristin Dwyer recommends
In the Orbit of You (2024)
Ashley Schumacher
"With Schumacher's signature voice full of emotion and depth, In The Orbit of You is a beautiful, heart rending story full of hope. And what it means to love someone who knows the most honest version of you, and the cost of that vulnerability."
Ellie Haycock is Totally Normal (2024)
Gretchen Schreiber
"Gretchen Schreiber's writing is honest, raw, and funny. She seamlessly weaves a story of hurt and humor with beautiful prose and characters that already feel like old friends. With friendship, family, cute boys, and how to stop seeing yourself through the lens of other people's definitions, Ellie is the coming-of-age story everyone should read."
Hope Ablaze (2024)
Sarah Mughal Rana
"Prose and poetry weave together seamlessly in a BEAUTIFUL AND IMPORTANT story about the power of words. A MUST READ for everyone."

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