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Stephanie Garber loves Disneyland because it's the one place on earth where she feels as if the fantastical stories she loves to write about could actually come to life. When she's not writing young adult fantasy, she teaches creative writing at a private college in northern California, where she's known for turning assignments into games and taking students on field trips that involve book signings.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy
Stephanie Garber recommends
Song of the Current (2017)
(Song of the Current, book 1)
Sarah Tolcser
"Adventurous and dangerous! Fate and fires, pirates and shadowmen, Song of the Current will carry you into a treacherous and fantastic world, which you will not want to leave."
A Poison Dark and Drowning (2017)
(Kingdom On Fire, book 2)
Jessica Cluess
"Devastatingly magical and monstrously romantic. I can't decide if this book stole my heart or ripped it out of my chest."
When I Cast Your Shadow (2017)
Sarah Porter
"Darkly seductive. Sarah Porter’s writing glitters and her storytelling stuns in this twisted tale of siblings, love, and death."
Beasts Made of Night (2017)
(Beasts Made of Night, book 1)
Tochi Onyebuchi
"Beasts Made of Night will bewitch you. Taj will steal your heart without even trying, while his deadly world will lure you in, leaving you spellbound long after the final devastating page."
Forest of a Thousand Lanterns (2017)
(Rise of the Empress, book 1)
Julie C Dao
"A stunning reimagining of the Evil Queen. Filled with treacherous courtesans, dark magic, terrible choices, and bloody hearts, Julie Dao’s exquisite take on this classic villain rises far above the average retelling."
Everless (2018)
(Everless, book 1)
Sara Holland
"Sara Holland is a fierce storyteller. An intoxicating blend of blood, secrets, and haunting mythology, Everless gives new and terrifying meaning to the phrase running out of time."
The Hazel Wood (2018)
(Hazel Wood, book 1)
Melissa Albert
"This book will be your next obsession. Welcome to the Hazel Wood, where bad luck is a living thing, princesses are doomed, and every page contains a wondrously terrible adventure - it's not safe inside these pages, but once you enter, you may never want to leave."
Ace of Shades (2018)
(Shadow Game, book 1)
Amanda Foody
"Utterly original. Amanda Foody has a wicked imagination. If you enjoy your fantasy on the darker side, then you will love Gomorrah!"
Sky in the Deep (2018)
(Sky and Sea, book 1)
Adrienne Young
Heart of Thorns (2018)
(Heart of Thorns, book 1)
Bree Barton
"A fantastical feminist fairy tale. Full of love, mystery, sisterhood, and severed hands, Heart of Thorns casts a fierce and magical spell."
Dance of Thieves (2018)
(Dance of Thieves, book 1)
Mary E Pearson
"A brilliant fantasy with a boldly beating heart. Mary E. Pearson is a fearless storyteller - I’m still trying to catch my breath from this book."
The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein (2018)
Kiersten White
"Exquisitely disturbing. The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein is a beautiful tapestry of horror, sewn together with threads of madness, obsession, and murder. Kiersten White has written a masterful and monstrous retelling."
All That Glitters (2019)
(Enchantee, book 1)
Gita Trelease
"Deliciously addictive. Enchantée is a lit firework crackling with treacherous magic, decadent romance, and disguises that take on lives of their own. I adore this gorgeous book."
A Curse So Dark and Lonely (2019)
(Cursebreaker, book 1)
Brigid Kemmerer
"An intensely original retelling. Full of fierce new characters, wicked magic, and wondrous amounts of heart, Brigid Kemmerer doesn't just tell a story, she builds an entire world that you will never want to leave."
The Gilded Wolves (2019)
(Gilded Wolves, book 1)
Roshani Chokshi
"A masterpiece of imagination. You will want this book to steal your heart so that you will never have to leave this story."
The Deceivers (2019)
(Vale Hall, book 1)
Kristen Simmons
"Brilliantly plotted, tightly paced, and intensely smart. The Deceivers is the perfect con, full of clever characters, untrustworthy romance, and lie after lie after lie, with just enough truth tossed in to make you question everything. Kristen Simmons is a deceptive genius. I could not devour this book fast enough."
Sky Without Stars (2019)
(System Divine, book 1)
Jessica Brody and Joanne Rendell
"An exquisitely executed reimagining. Epic in scope and storytelling, Sky Without Stars is an explosion of emotion, intrigue, romance, and revolution."
Wicked Saints (2019)
(Something Dark and Holy, book 1)
Emily A Duncan
"Full of blood and monsters and magic?this book destroyed me and I adored it. Emily is a wicked storyteller, she’s not afraid to hurt her characters or her readers. If you’ve ever fallen in love with a villain you will fall hard for this book."
Sorcery of Thorns (2019)
(Sorcery of Thorns, book 1)
Margaret Rogerson
"If you are looking for magic you will find it inside this book. Sorcery of Thorns is a bewitching gem, full of slow burning romance, loyal friendships, and extraordinary world building. I absolutely loved every moment of this story."
The Downstairs Girl (2019)
Stacey Lee
"A bold portrait of this country's past, brilliantly painted with wit, heartbreak, and unflinching honesty."
House of Salt and Sorrows (2019)
(Sisters of the Salt, book 1)
Erin A Craig
"Step inside a fairy tale."
Winterwood (2019)
Shea Ernshaw
"A spellbinding tale of witchery, deadly secrets, and woods that hold grudges. Winterwood is immersive, atmospheric, and bewitching."
Loveboat, Taipei (2020)
(Loveboat, Taipei, book 1)
Abigail Hing Wen
"Equal parts surprising, original, and intelligent. An intense rush of rebellion and romance."
Bone Crier's Moon (2020)
(Bone Grace, book 1)
Kathryn Purdie
"Brimming with rich mythology, deadly romance, and fantastically flawed characters--absolutely spellbinding!"
A Deadly Education (2020)
(Scholomance, book 1)
Naomi Novik
"At Scholomance, monsters are everywhere and the breakfast might kill you, but the wonderful cast of characters will grab a hold of your heart and you’ll never want to leave this deadly school. Naomi Novik skillfully combines sharp humor with layers of imagination to build a fantasy that delights on every level. I loved this brilliant book."
The Gilded Ones (2021)
(Deathless , book 1)
Namina Forna
"An enthralling debut. The Gilded Ones redefines sisterhood and is sure to leave readers both inspired and ultimately hopeful."
Muse (2021)
(Muse , book 1)
Brittany Cavallaro
"A sizzling take on alternative history with a smart heroine, snappy prose, and electric storytelling. Muse is a creative delight!"
Curse of the Specter Queen (2021)
(Samantha Knox, book 1)
Jenny Elder Moke
"Pure fun from start to finish. Curse of the Specter Queen is a delightful historical romp, riddled with cryptic puzzles, hints of romance, and an adventurous cast of characters. An ideal escape for fans of curses, magic, and mystery."
Not Here to Be Liked (2021)
Michelle Quach
"A fresh voiced debut, perfect for anyone who has ever felt unlikable. Not Here To Be Liked is a sharply intelligent read with a touch of painful reality that will leave a mark on your heart."
Midnight in Everwood (2021)
M A Kuzniar
"A glittering rush of sugar-sweet enchantment laced with sparkling prose and bewitching storytelling. Beware of entering this magnificent world; Everwood will dazzle and seduce you and then steal you away."
Daughter of the Moon Goddess (2022)
(Celestial Kingdom Duology, book 1)
Sue Lynn Tan
"Sue Lynn Tan has written a breathtaking debut novel that will sweep readers away to the moon and back. I can't remember the last time a book surprised and delighted me as much as this one. Epic, romantic, and enthralling from start to finish. I love this book."
The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea (2022)
Axie Oh
"A clever, creative, and exquisitely written tale of sacrifice, love, and fate."
Only a Monster (2022)
(Only a Monster, book 1)
Vanessa Len
"Mind-bending, heart wrenching, and unputdownable! Don't feel bad if this book tricks you into rooting for the monster instead of the hero. Vanessa Len has written a masterful debut novel - I loved the time-travel, the star crossed romance, and the monsters."
This Woven Kingdom (2022)
(This Woven Kingdom, book 1)
Tahereh Mafi
"This Woven Kingdom is an exquisite fantasy. Rich with clever prose, delicious twists, and breathtaking world building. Prepare to be destroyed--this one will wrench at your heart and make it pound, and in the end it will leave you entirely speechless."
Blood Scion (2022)
(Blood Scion, book 1)
Deborah Falaye
"A compelling story of magic, survival and revenge, with a complex heroine at its center worth rooting for. An explosive, powerful debut."
Some Mistakes Were Made (2022)
Kristin Dwyer
"A breathtaking tour de force of angst and longing. Heartbreaking, painfully romantic, and deeply human."
Together We Burn (2022)
Isabel Ibañez
"Together We Burn is an inferno of action-packed storytelling and banter-filled romance, set in a gloriously vivid and imaginative world. Sure to delight and surprise fans of fantasy, dragons, and stories with bold heartbeats. This one will leave you breathless!"
Twin Crowns (2022)
(Twin Crowns, book 1)
Catherine Doyle and Katherine Webber
"An absolute delight from start to finish, Twin Crowns is a dazzling gem of a book. Magical, clever, surprising and pure fun. If you love wicked kings, sexy bandits and sister stories that are full of heart, this is a must read."
Belladonna (2022)
(Belladonna, book 1)
Adalyn Grace
"A deliciously deadly gothic romance. Full of poisonous deeds, spectacular secrets, and dark mysteries. Belladonna is a hauntingly atmospheric read, with an absolutely fantastic ending that will leave readers begging for more."
Cruel Illusions (2022)
Margie Fuston
"The perfect sinisterly magical escape. Cruel Illusions has everything I love in a paranormal: vampires, macabre magic, and a romance to die for, full of longing, desperation, and betrayal."
The Foxglove King (2023)
(Nightshade Crown, book 1)
Hannah Whitten
"The Foxglove King is a delicious fantasy. Sinister, deadly, and so seductive you won't be able to tear yourself away from this dark gem of a book."
Silver in the Bone (2023)
(Silver in the Bone, book 1)
Alexandra Bracken
"An exquisite fantasy, crackling with dark magic.Silver in the Boneis a heart pounding must-read perfect for anyone who has ever wanted to step inside of a myth."

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