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aka Sherry Carr, Sara Chance, Sydney Ann Clary

Sydney Ann Cook is an American author of contemporary and historical romance novels, who wrote under the pen names Sara Chance, Sherry Carr, Sydney Ann Clary and Lacey Dancer.

Genres: Romance
Her Golden Eyes (1983) (as by Sydney Ann Clary)
Let Passion Soar (1983) (as by Sherry Carr)
Home At Last (1983) (as by Sydney Ann Clary)
Wildfire Magic (1983) (as by Sydney Ann Clary)
This Wildfire Magic (1983) (as by Sara Chance)
Touch of Passion (1984) (as by Sara Chance)
Look Beyond Tomorrow (1985) (as by Sara Chance)
Undercover Affair (1986) (as by Sydney Ann Clary)
Where the Wandering Ends (1987) (as by Sara Chance)
Double Solitaire (1987) (as by Sara Chance)
To Tame the Wind (1988) (as by Sara Chance)
Shadow Watch (1988) (as by Sara Chance)
Southern Comfort (1988) (as by Sara Chance)
The Duchess and the Devil (1988) (as by Sydney Ann Clary)
Woman in the Shadows (1989) (as by Sara Chance)
Eye of the Storm (1989) (as by Sara Chance)
Fire in the Night (1989) (as by Sara Chance)
With a Little Spice (1989) (as by Sara Chance)
Misfit Match (1990) (as by Sydney Ann Clary)
Silent Enchantment (1990)
Sunlight on Shadows (1991)
Thirteen Days of Luck (1991)
Diamond On Ice (1991)
Flight of the Swan (1992)
Baby Makes Five (1992)
Forever Joy (1993)
His Woman's Gift (1993)
Lightning Strikes Twice (1993)
Silke (1996)
Caprice (1996)
Leora (1996)
Noelle (1996)
Many Faces of Love (2003)
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