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Laura has always been a storyteller.
She began on her front porch, telling ghost stories to the neighborhood kids. They ran screaming, but kept coming back for more. If she wasnt telling a story, she had her nose in one, bumping into students in the halls on her way to classes.
 Her settings are Western, but Laura grew up in the suburbs outside Detroit.A tomboy, shes always loved the outdoors and adventure. In 1980 she and her sister packed everything they owned into their Pintos and moved to California, sight unseen.

There Laura met her husband, a motorcycling, bleed-maroon Texas Aggie, and her love affair with the West began. She rode a hundred thousand miles on the back of her husbands motorcycle, propping a book on his back and reading on the boring stretches. But you cant read all day and after awhile, her brain would empty of the day-to-day thoughts and cast about for something new to think about.

Then one day, riding into the small town of Kernville, California, a dog ran in front of the bike. After a gut clenching scare, it trotted back the way it came and they rode on. But she started thinking. What if someone came along and hit the dog?And what if a girl riding a motorcycle came along . . .

The idea grew into Lauras first novel, Her Road Home. Laura is hard at work on a three book series set in the same small town, Widow's Grove.
Genres: Romance
Chestnut Creek
1. The Last True Cowboy (2018)
Rita Awards Best First Novel winner (2014) : The Sweet Spot