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A W Exley

A. W. Exley survived school by hiding out in the library with several thousand fictional characters for company. Today she writes twisted historical novels. She lives in rural New Zealand surrounded by an assortment of weird and wonderful horses, cats, a mad boxer, and chickens who think they are mini velociraptors.

Genres: Science Fiction
   Primetime (2013) (with Sharon Bayliss, Tony Healey, Vicki Keire, K H Koehler, Gerilyn Marin, Michael Panush, Nina Post, AE Propher, J R Rain, Mike Robinson, Michael Shean, Eliza Tilton and James Wymore)
   Bad Magic (2017) (with C J Archer, Lisa Blackwood, Stacy Claflin, Pippa DaCosta, Debra Dunbar, C Gockel, R Medhurst, Christine Pope and Sara C Roethle)
   Caught in Crystal (2019) (with Becca Andre, Nicolette Andrews, Jamaila Brinkley, Rabia Gale and Sara C Roethle)