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Elisabeth Fairchild fell in love with words as a child. She read voraciously, (although she didn't understand that big word way back then.) Books, magazines, product labels and cereal boxes-- if it had words she read it. In the third grade she wrote her first book (unpublished) about a community of snails that lived under a trash can. She's been writing ever since. A graduate of NTSU, she worked ten years in advertising, writing on coffee breaks and weekends. It was not until she began her first Regency romance, that she considered quitting her job as an art director to make writing her top priotity.

Finished manuscript in hand, Elisabeth entered the 1991 GDWA/UTD Craft Of Writing Competition, winning several awards and connecting with one of the judges, an agent who likes her work and said she could sell the Regency if 200 pages were cut. Elisabeth cut. The agent sold. THE SILENT SUITOR was released by Signet in April '94.

Genres: Historical Romance
   1. The Love Knot (1995)
   2. Lord Ramsay's Return (1996)
   3. The Rakehell's Reform (1997)
   4. Marriage a La Mode (1997)
     aka Provocateur
Captain Cupid
   1. Captain Cupid Calls the Shots (2000)
     aka Captain Cupid
   2. Valentine's Change of Heart (2003)
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