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Jemi Fraser writes small-town romantic suspense filled with hope, heart, and humour. Her stories combine her love of mystery with the satisfaction of a Happy Ever After. For a peek at the Bloo Moose small-town romance series, check out Reaching For Normal for free.

Armed with a mug of tea and freshly-baked cookies, Jemi is living out her own HEA in beautiful Northern Ontario.

For all things Jemi, check out her website: Receive a free short story when you sign up for Jemi's newsletter.

Jemi also writes about how dementia has impacted her family in her memoir & self-help book Dancing With Dementia.

You can find Jemi on Instagram (, Facebook ( and Twitter (
New and upcoming books
April 2024

No Good Deed
(No Fail Heroes, book 1)
May 2024

No Going Back
(No Fail Heroes, book 2)
Bloo Moose
   1. Reaching For Normal (2020)
   2. Reaching For Risks (2020)
   3. Reaching For Everything (2020)
   4. Reaching For Balance (2020)
   5. Reaching For Christmas (2020)
   6. Reaching For Trust (2021)
   7. Reaching For Roots (2021)
   8. Reaching For Family (2021)
   9. Reaching For Home (2021)
   10. Reaching For More (2023)
Small Town Heroes Romance
   1. Built Of Secrets (2022)
   2. Built Of Strength (2022)
   3. Built Of Flames (2022)
   4. Built Of Second Chances (2023)
   5. Built Of Illusions (2023)
   6. Built Of Steel (2024)
No Fail Heroes
   1. No Good Deed (2024)
   2. No Going Back (2024)
   3. No Bed Of Roses (2024)

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