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The psychological thrillers Maria Frankland writes shine a light into the darkness that can exist within marital and family relationships. She has been no stranger to turbulent times herself, and this has provided some of the raw material for her novels.

According to published statistics, the majority of murders are perpetrated by a known person and it intrigues Maria that someone can be most at risk from a person who is supposed to love them. And this is what she explores from the safety of her fiction.

Maria Frankland is a born ‘n’ bred Yorkshire woman, and a mum of two grown up sons. In her forties, she has been able to pursue a long-held ambition of gaining an MA in Creative Writing and has made writing her full time occupation. Recently she has married for the second time and has found her ‘happy ever after.’

This is not something you will find in her novels though! In Maria's own words: "we thriller writers are amongst the nicest people you could meet because we pour all our darkness into our books – it’s the romance writers you’ve got to watch…"

Maria plans to release four novels per year and if you’d like to be kept in the loop about new books and special offers, you can join her ‘keep in touch list’ by visiting You will also receive a free novella, ‘The Brother in Law.’

Maria welcomes all feedback through reviews and messages - good, bad or indifferent, and hearing from readers always makes her day!


Genres: Mystery
New and upcoming books
January 2024

March 2024

I Let Her in
April 2024

The Bridal Party
June 2024

The Taken Child
September 2024

The Holiday Cottage
Dark Water
   1. Undercurrents (2020)
     aka The Yorkshire Dipper
   2. Drowned Voices (2021)
   3. Emergence (2022)
Dark Hearts
   1. Frenemy (2022)
   2. The Fall Out (2023)
   3. Nemesis (2023)
   The Last Cuckoo (2020)
   The Man Behind Closed Doors (2020)
   Left Hanging (2020)
   Hit and Run (2021)
   The Hen Party (2021)
   Last Christmas (2021)
   In His Shadow (2022)
   Last Orders (2023)
   Lockdown (2024)
   I Let Her in (2024)
   The Bridal Party (2024)
   The Taken Child (2024)
   The Holiday Cottage (2024)
Novellas and Short Stories
   A Life for a Life (2021)
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