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Mary Kubica holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in History and American Literature. She lives outside of Chicago with her husband and two children and enjoys photography, gardening and caring for the animals at a local shelter. THE GOOD GIRL is her first novel.

Genres: Mystery
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Mary Kubica recommends
The Status of All Things (2015)
Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke
"Fun, clever, and utterly engaging."
Where I Lost Her (2016)
T Greenwood
"Spellbinding. A touching story of one woman's loss and heartache, coupled with the electrifying search for a young girl. I loved everything about Where I Lost Her."
The Outliers (2016)
(Outliers , book 1)
Kimberly McCreight
"An exhilarating novel that unfolds at warp speed."
This Is Not Over (2016)
Holly Brown
"[A] master storyteller and an expert of suspense."
The Vanishing Year (2016)
Kate Moretti
"A woman’s perilous past and her affluent present converge in Kate Moretti’s latest jaw-dropping thriller. Replete with unsavory characters, buried secrets, and a bounty of unexpected twists and turns, The Vanishing Year is a stunner. A perfectly compulsive read that's impossible to put down."
Fractured (2016)
Catherine McKenzie
"Things go terribly wrong for these engrossing characters in Catherine McKenzie's latest tour de force...Truly riveting!."
Little Deaths (2017)
Emma Flint
"A gem of a whodunit."
The Lost Letter (2017)
Jillian Cantor
"Past and present collide in Jillian Cantor's latest propulsive and eloquent gem of a novel. Cantor captures the gravity of wartime Europe and combines it with powerful stories of love, loss and self-discovery."
Our Little Secret (2017)
Roz Nay
"In her debut novel, Roz Nay lures readers down a dark and tangled path that explores the aftereffects of lost first loves. Our Little Secret is a gripping addition to the psych thriller world."
The Neighbors (2018)
Hannah Mary McKinnon
"A graphic, gritty exploration of unfulfilled desire and deceit with an explosive finale that readers won't forget anytime soon."
The Elizas (2018)
Sara Shepard
"Sara Shepard dazzles with this spine-chilling thriller that blurs the lines of fact and fiction. Electric and smart with a witty protagonist readers won’t soon forget."
Don't Believe It (2018)
Charlie Donlea
"A perfectly executed and entirely satisfying read, Don't Believe It is a gripping thriller that will blow readers away, from the first page right up to the very last words. Charlie Donlea's best book yet!"
Providence (2018)
Caroline Kepnes
"Tender, magical, and eerie . . . sure to be one of the best thrillers of the year . . . Caroline Kepnes’s infinite talent shines through."
The Banker's Wife (2018)
Cristina Alger
"Cristina Alger takes an inside look at the lucrative, high-stakes--and sometimes murderous--world of private banking in this stunning masterpiece. Whip smart and fraught with tension, The Banker's Wife packs a punch that doesn't let up. Brilliant."
The One That Got Away (2018)
Joe Clifford
"Joe Clifford is a gifted storyteller with a knack for crafting characters who are entirely human. The One That Got Away is dark and unforgiving, a chilling crime novel with the perfect touch of tenderness that will keep readers turning the pages with haste. This is one book you won’t be able to put down."
Somebody's Daughter (2018)
David Bell
"A tautly told, heart-pounding read, Somebody’s Daughter is a page-turning whodunit where every character's a suspect and no one can be trusted."
Trust Me (2018)
Hank Phillippi Ryan
"Ryan dazzles-a must read."
The Night in Question (2018)
Nic Joseph
"Desperation, greed, scandal and murder - a smart and compulsive read with a thrilling ending."
You Were Always Mine (2018)
Nicole Baart
"Tense, emotionally-charged, and at times frightening, You Were Always Mine opened my eyes to the dark side of adoption. With characters that are true to life and a tremendous depth of knowledge into a shocking subject matter, this is Baart's best book yet. Completely engrossing!"
River Bodies (2018)
(Northampton County, book 1)
Karen Katchur
"Karen Katchur’s River Bodies has it all: a horrific murder, mysteries resurrected from the past, a story line packed with tension, and vivid characters to bring it all to life. A riveting thriller that suspense readers will love."
The Night Olivia Fell (2019)
Christina McDonald
"Christina McDonald has crafted an emotionally charged mystery that will leave readers equally gut-wretched and gripped. The Night Olivia Fell welcomes a talented new addition to the world of domestic suspense."
Beautiful Bad (2019)
Annie Ward
"As touching and thought-provoking as it is terrifying, Beautiful Bad will leave readers spellbound. A buzzworthy read!"
The Last Time I Saw You (2019)
Liv Constantine
"THE LAST TIME I SAW YOU is a thrilling murder mystery rife with lies, scandal, obsession, and revenge. With unreliable characters, a sinister storyline, and a handful of twists to boot, Liv Constantine raises the bar high. A must-read!"
The Night Before (2019)
Wendy Walker
"Wendy Walker proves her ingenuity with her latest hair-raising chiller. Teeming with taut writing, an abundance of jaw-dropping revelations, and Walker's uncanny insight into the dark side of human nature, The Night Before is irresistible."
The Arrangement (2019)
Robyn Harding
"An insider's look into the world of sugar daddies . . . full of shocking revelations, volatile characters, and vice. Look out: THE ARRANGEMENT will blow your mind."
The Hidden Things (2019)
Jamie Mason
"Greed and revenge collide as Jamie Mason deftly explores an art theft gone terribly wrong. THE HIDDEN THINGS is a wholly original and deeply compelling read that will keep readers on the edge of their seats."
The Perfect Wife (2019)
J P Delaney
"The Perfect Wife blew my mind! What a wonderful and unique thriller. I haven’t been able to put it down since it arrived, and now that I’ve finished I can’t stop thinking about it! Those last lines . . . wow! JP Delaney has outdone himself with his latest dynamic, razor-sharp, and thought-provoking thriller. The Perfect Wife is a cutting-edge suspense novel unlike any you’ve read before. . . . A must-read!"
Recipe for a Perfect Wife (2019)
Karma Brown
"Recipe for a Perfect Wife masterfully bridges the lives of two women, living sixty years apart, who refuse to fall victim to the patriarchy. While Karma Brown's signature style remains, it's laced with something sinister and dark. A brilliant, brooding, timely novel, fraught with tension, that packs a punch. Brown knows how to keep readers riveted until the very last page."
In an Instant (2020)
Suzanne Redfearn
"A powerful and poignant read."
He Started It (2020)
Samantha Downing
"A twisty, sneaking tale of greed, lies and betrayal, with each character as conniving as the next and an ending that will make your heart stop. This one needs to be on the top of everyone's to-read list!"
Little Secrets (2020)
Jennifer Hillier
"Little Secrets will leave readers completely floored. You don't just read this book; you inhale it."
Strike Me Down (2020)
Mindy Mejia
"Whip-smart, expertly plotted and entirely unpredictable, STRIKE ME DOWN is unlike anything I’ve ever read. A must read!"
His & Hers (2020)
Alice Feeney
"In His & Hers, Alice Feeney expertly weaves a deliciously dark, unsettling tale that will have readers tearing through the pages with haste, trying and failing to guess the true culprit in this spine-chilling murder mystery. A creepy thrill ride that Feeney fans will adore."
Home Before Dark (2020)
Riley Sager
"What could be better than a haunted house with ghosts aplenty? Home Before Dark is equally superb and terrifying. Buckle up for a wild ride. This book should come with a warning not to be read after dark."
Stranger in the Lake (2020)
Kimberly Belle
"Kimberly Belle explores the shocking depths people will go to keep their secrets buried in her latest slow burn thriller STRANGER IN THE LAKE, before building to an explosive and unexpected finale. Belle delivers with lyric prose an atmospheric, moody mystery that will have her fans begging for more. A must-read!"
Mother May I (2021)
Joshilyn Jackson
"Joshilyn Jackson does it again with this explosive, white-knuckle read about a mother who will stop at nothing to protect her family. Terrifying, timely and thought-provoking, I couldn't tear my eyes away from Mother May I."
The Next Wife (2021)
Kaira Rouda
"In The Next Wife, two women go ruthlessly head-to-head. Kaira Rouda knows how to create the perfect diabolical characters that we love to hate. Equally smart and savage, this is a lightning-fast read."
Dark Roads (2021)
Chevy Stevens
"Chevy Stevens is back and better than ever with a grisly tale that will make you think twice before driving down any deserted highways at night. Dark Roads is a chilling, pulse-pounding thriller that also tugs at the heartstrings. It's everything you've come to love from a master of the psych thriller genre!"
Never Saw Me Coming (2021)
Vera Kurian
"Stick a bunch of devious psychopaths together and what could possibly go wrong? Find out in Never Saw Me Coming, a completely original, clever whodunit from a talented new arrival to the world of psychological suspense. Vera Kurian is one to watch!"
Woman on Fire (2022)
Lisa Barr
"Incredibly fast-paced and savvy, Lisa Barr takes readers into the high stakes world of art theft through the eyes of a young, gutsy journalist. Thick with history, scandal, romance and deceit, Woman on Fire is a truly compulsive read."
It Could Be Anyone (2022)
Jaime Lynn Hendricks
"A lightning fast read about friendships, secrets and deceit, this book starts with a bang and never lets up. IT COULD BE ANYONE is a must read for those who crave a fun, wicked, twisty tale! Readers will devour this one."
The Lies I Tell (2022)
Julie Clark
"The Lies I Tell is a knockout. Smart, savvy and so duplicitous with a propulsive storyline and two of the most beguiling female characters I've ever met. Julie Clark does it again!"
You're Invited (2022)
Amanda Jayatissa
"Whip smart and expertly plotted with perfectly arranged clues and an explosive finale, You're Invited will have readers guessing who they can trust and who the real villain is in this wickedly good thriller."
Imposter (2022)
Bradeigh Godfrey
"Everything a psychological thriller should be: unsettling, totally immersive, and completely unpredictable... Spine-chillingly, jaw-droppingly good!"
City Under One Roof (2023)
Iris Yamashita
"City Under One Roof is a gripping, unsettling and oppressive thriller that welcomes a wonderful new talent to the genre. Prepare to be quickly immersed in this dark and moody murder mystery."

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