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J.J. Green is a British-Australian science fiction author who believes the science in science fiction includes zoology, botany, genetics, evolutionary theory, social science and psychology. Her characters are real people living with the challenges of existence in future societies, and some are kickass sci fi heroines too.

Genres: Science Fiction

   Tales from the Void (2017) (with Chris Fox, Trevor Gregg, Alec Hutson, Craig Martelle, J S Morin, Saul Roberts, Izzy Shows, Justin Sloan and Sam Witt)
   Beyond The Black: Volume One (2018) (with R L Blalock, PP Corcoran, Amy DuBoff, John Gunningham, Jeffery H Haskell, Christian Kallias, Jacob S Nardi, Stefan M Nardi, Rick Partlow, D M Pruden, Robert Scanlon, Dean F Wilson, Sarah K L Wilson and Jonathan Yanez)
   Future Adventures (2019) (with Drew Avera, Andrew M Crusoe, Patty Jansen, M T McGuire, D M Pruden, George Saoulidis and Aurora Springer)
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