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Julie E Czerneda

(Julie Elizabeth Czerneda)
Canada (b.1955)

Julie Czerneda is a Canadian science fiction writer whose first novel, A Thousand Words for Stranger, was published in 1997 by DAW Books, starting her Trade Pact Trilogy. Her second novel, Aurora Award Finalist Beholder's Eye, was published by DAW in 1998, becoming the first in her Web Shifters series. Formerly a researcher in animal communication, Julie has also written non-fiction, from biology texts to the use of science fiction to develop literacy. She currently lives at the edge of a forest with her family, enjoying rocketry and canoeing.

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy
New Books
September 2022

November 2022

To Each This World
   Giftmas 2018 Advent Anthology (2018) (with Laura VanArendonk Baugh, E C Bell, Tiffany Michelle Brown, Stephanie A Cain, Beth Cato, Kevin Cockle, Amanda C Davis, Lizz Donnelly, Pamela Fernandes, Chadwick Ginther, Kurt Kirchmeier, Premee Mohamed, Rhonda Parrish, Randi Perrin, Cat Rambo, JB Riley, Jennifer Lee Rossman, Alexandra Seidel, Michael B Tager, Steve Toase, J S Watts, Cassandra Weir, Amanda Wells and S G Wong)
   Imaginings (2022)
Series contributed to
Tesseracts (with Susan MacGregor)
   15. Tesseracts 15 (2011)
Anthology series
Anthologies edited
   Packing Fraction (1998)
   Explorer (2001)
   Orbiter (2002)
   Stardust (2002)
   Space Inc. (2003)
   ReVisions (2004) (with Isaac Szpindel)
   Summoned To Destiny (2004)
   Fantastic Companions (2005)
   Mythspring (2006) (with Genevieve Kierans)
   Polaris (2007)
   Under Cover of Darkness (2007) (with Jana Paniccia)
   Misspelled (2008)
   Ages of Wonder (2009) (with Robert St Martin)
   Campus Chills (2012) (with Kelley Armstrong, Sèphera Girón, Michael Kelly, Nancy Kilpatrick, Susie Moloney, Douglas Smith and Steve Vernon)
Non fiction
Sorry, we're not listing non fiction by this author
Anthologies containing stories by Julie E Czerneda
Short stories
First Contact Inc. (1997)
Down On the Farm (2000)
I Knew a Guy Once (2003)

Philip K Dick Award Best Book nominee (2001) : In the Company of Others

Julie E Czerneda recommends
Tainted Trail (2002)
(Ukiah Oregon, book 2)
Wen Spencer
"Spencer continues to amaze, cranking up both suspense and wonder...you won't put this one down."
Traitor's Blade (2014)
(Greatcoats, book 1)
Sebastien De Castell
"Traitor’s Blade never falters, with writing as smooth and decisive as a rapier’s swish through the air and a story as passionate as life itself. I can’t wait to read more about these wonderful characters. Highly recommended!"
Halls of Law (2017)
(Faraman Prophecy, book 1)
V M Escalada
"Halls of Law begins an fresh, engaging new fantasy series set in a world of marvellous texture and magic. Love this one and can’t wait for more!"
The Robots of Gotham (2018)
Todd McAulty
"Todd McAulty has done the incredible. Delivered a rich and credible near-future world, where Thought Machines control, well, almost everything (and are themselves astonishingly diverse and cool), and used all this to create the most human SF story I've read in a very long time. I love everything about The Robots of Gotham. I want more, McAulty. MORE!"
Titanshade (2019)
(Carter Archives, book 1)
Dan Stout
"Dan Stout’s debut novel is flawless. Titanshade is set in an original, gritty fantasy world, like enough to ours to take you by the throat as the detective noir plot roars along, yet filled with intriguing other beings and moments of remarkable magic. Highly recommended."
Finder (2019)
(Finder Chronicles, book 1)
Suzanne Palmer
"Finder proves hard SF, done brilliantly, is passionate, powerful, and brimming with humanity. Be it daily life or war in zero g, realistic communities in space or making us laugh at what clever beings we humans are, Suzanne Palmer nails it. I cannot wait for more. Highly recommended."
Race the Sands (2020)
Sarah Beth Durst
"RACE THE SANDS is not only a blistering rush through a brilliantly credible and original fantasy landscape, it's the story of resolve, family, and personal destiny we all need. Highly recommended."
Threader Origins (2021)
(Ouantum Empirica, book 1)
Gerald Brandt
"Threader Origins is a compelling, thought-provoking look at the potential in each of us, and society itself, that never falters or flinches. Breathtakingly original and memorable, I can’t wait to see where Brandt goes with this new series. A must read!"
Forging a Nightmare (2021)
Patricia A Jackson
"Crafted with skill, featuring an array of unforgettable characters and breath-stealing action, Forging a Nightmare is one hell of a ride. Highly recommended."
The Embroidered Book (2022)
Kate Heartfield
"Sacrifice, family, dreams, and deep, dark magic, The Embroidered Book is a triumph."
Braking Day (2022)
Adam Oyebanji
"Adam Oyebanji's Braking Day blows the airlocks off the science fiction mainstay of generation ships with a vibrant world within bulkheads that's as convincing as it is fresh. The characters are fabulous, the world-building impeccable yet never in-your-face, and the plot is breathtaking. All I can say is this is the best SF novel I've read in decades and it may be the best I've ever read. This author is now a must-read for me, and I'm sure he will be for you. Bravo!"

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