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Running Blind was adapted for television by Jack Gerson, Scotland’s finest and most prolific television scriptwriter. In addition to creating Scotland’s first TV soap opera High Living, which ran on STV from 1969 until the mid 1970s, he worked on series such as Z Cars, Sutherland’s Law, The Regiment, This Man Craig and The Omega Factor. Also an author Gerson wrote a number of successful thrillers during the 1970s and 1980s, many based on his television scripts, including: Back of the Tiger; Death Squad; The Whitehall Sanction; The Assassination Run and The Treachery Game.
   Man on the Crater's Edge (1972)
   The Regiment (1973)
   The Omega Factor (1979)
   Assassination Run (1980)
   The Treachery Game (1981)
   The Whitehall Sanction (1983)
   The Back of the Tiger (1984)
   The Evil Thereof (1991)
   The Fetch (1993)

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