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aka Will Stewart

Jack Williamson has been in the forefront of science fiction since his first published story in 1928. Williamson is the acclaimed author of such trailblazing science fiction as The Humanoids and The Legion of Time. The Oxford English Dictionary credits Williamson with inventing the terms "genetic engineering" (in Dragon's Island) and "terraforming" (in Seetee Ship). His seminal novel Darker Than You Think was a landmark speculation on the nature of shape-changing.

Jack Williamson died Friday 10th November 2006 at his home in Portales, New Mexico.

Awards: Nebula (2002), Hugo (2001), Stoker (1998), WFA (1994)  see all

Genres: Science Fiction
Legion of Space
   1. The Legion of Space (1934)
   2. The Cometeers (1936)
   3. One against the Legion (1939)
   4. The Queen of the Legion (1982)
   1. The Humanoids (1949)
   2. The Humanoid Touch (1980)
   With Folded Hands (2011)
Seetee (as by Will Stewart)
   1. Seetee Shock (1950)
   2. Seetee Ship (1951)
Undersea Eden (with Frederik Pohl)
   1. Undersea Quest (1954)
   2. Undersea Fleet (1955)
   3. Undersea City (1958)
Starchild (with Frederik Pohl)
   1. The Reefs of Space (1964)
   2. Starchild (1965)
   3. Rogue Star (1969)
Saga of Cuckoo (with Frederik Pohl)
   1. Farthest Star (1975)
   2. Wall Around a Star (1975)
   The Alien Intelligence (1929)
   The Girl from Mars (1930) (with Miles J Breuer)
   The Green Girl (1930)
   The Stone from the Green Star (1931)
   Golden Blood (1933)
   Xandulu (1934)
   The Blue Spot (1935)
   Islands of the Sun (1935)
   The Fortress of Utopia (1939)
   Realm of Wizardry (1940)
   Darker Than You Think (1948)
   Dragon's Island (1951)
     aka The Not-Men
   The Dome Around America (1955)
     aka Gateway to Paradise (novel)
   Star Bridge (1955) (with James Gunn)
   The Trial of Terra (1962)
   The Reign of Wizardry (1964)
   Bright New Universe (1967)
   Trapped in Space (1968)
   Jamboree (1969)
   The Moon Children (1973)
   The Power of Blackness (1976)
   Brother to Demons, Brother to Gods (1979)
   Manseed (1982)
   Lifeburst (1984)
   Firechild (1986)
   Land's End (1988) (with Frederik Pohl)
   Mazeway (1990)
   The Singers of Time (1991) (with Frederik Pohl)
   Beachhead (1992)
   Demon Moon (1994)
   The Black Sun (1997)
   The Silicon Dagger (1999)
   Terraforming Earth (2001)
   The Stonehenge Gate (2005)
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Novellas and Short Stories
   The Ultimate Earth (2000)
   The Cosmic Express (2011)
   Salvage in Space (2011)
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Books containing stories by Jack Williamson
The Last Dangerous Visions (2024)
(Dangerous Visions, book 3)
edited by
Harlan Ellison
Black Cat Weekly #145 (2024)
(Black Cat Weekly, book 145)
Black Cat Weekly #144 (2024)
(Black Cat Weekly, book 144)

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2002 Nebula Award for Best Novella : The Ultimate Earth
2001 Hugo Award for Best Novella : The Ultimate Earth
1998 Bram Stoker Award for Lifetime Achievement
1994 World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement
1976 Grand Master Award

Award nominations
2016 Retro Hugo Award for Best Novelette (nominee) : Darker Than You Think
2009 Locus Award for Best Collection (nominee) : Gateway to Paradise
2005 Locus Award for Best Collection (nominee) : Seventy-Five: The Diamond Anniversary of a Science Fiction Pioneer Jack Williamson
2002 Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel (nominee) : Terraforming Earth
2002 John W. Campbell Memorial Award (nominee) : Terraforming Earth
2001 Locus Award for Best Novella (nominee) : The Ultimate Earth
2000 Locus Award for Best Collection (nominee) : The Metal Man and Others
2000 John W. Campbell Memorial Award (nominee) : The Silicon Dagger
1998 Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel (nominee) : The Black Sun
1984 Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel (nominee) : Wall Around a Star

Jack Williamson recommends
My Father's Ghost (2002)
Suzy McKee Charnas
"This is a book for today. Written honestly and plainly, it llluminates a universal problem."
Over the River and Through the Woods (1996)
Clifford D Simak
"Good fantasy - and that includes science fiction - takes off from the known for its flights into the new. Cliff Simak was a master of the art. His known was the rural Midwest that he loved. His new could reach to the ends of space and time, but never beyond reality. Even his cosmic aliens always had half human dimensions that made them believable. I loved him, as so many did, for his unfailing warmth and a wit that was keen but never cruel. I heard from him often during the painful time after his wife's death. His own death touched me deeply, and I'm happy to see him remembered with this collection of his best-loved stories."
Heechee Rendezvous (1984)
(Heechee, book 3)
Frederik Pohl
"The Heechee are one of the greatest creations of science fiction."

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