Jack Snow

USA flag (1907 - 1956)

Snow, John Frederick 'Jack'- American author of Oz books. At L. Frank Baum's death, 12‐year‐old Jack wrote to the publishers Reilly & Lee and offered to continue the Kinder‐ und Hausmärchen series. Nineteen years later, he got his wish. As the Fourth Royal Historian of Oz, he imitated Baum's writing style and purified Oz of non‐Baum characters in Magical Mimics in Oz (1947) and The Shaggy Man of Oz (1949). By this date, however, post‐war America was losing interest in Oz, and Snow's novels were not popular. He later compiled Who's Who in Oz (1954), an illustrated encyclopaedia based on his extensive collection of Baumiana and Oziana.

Genres: Children's Fiction
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Anthologies containing stories by Jack Snow
Short stories
Poison (1925)
Night Wings (1927)
Midnight (1946)
Seed (1946)
The Anchor (1947)
Business Hours (1947)
The China Tea Cup (1947)
Coronation (1947)
Dark Music [short story] (1947)
The Dictator (1947)
The Dimension of Terror (1947)
Faulty Vision (1947)
'Let's Play House' (1947)
The Monarch (1947)
The Mountain (1947)
'The Penhale Broadcast' (1947)
'The Rope' (1947)
The Super Alkaloid (1947)