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Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm (1785-1863) and Wilhelm Carl Grimm (1786-1859) were born near Frankfurt, Germany, and both became teachers at Gottingen University. They originally published their fairy tales as a scholarly examination of German folklore, but the stories were soon being read to children, and when they saw the first English translation in 1823, with its handsome woodblock illustrations, they created a selection of the most popular tales in an edition for young readers.
Anthologies containing stories by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
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Short stories
The Almond-Tree
The Ball of Crystal
The Bittern and the Hoopoe
The Blue Light
The Boots Made of Buffalo-Leather
Briar Rose
The Bride-Choosing
The Bright Sun Brings on the Day
Brother Lustig
The Cat and the Mouse in Partnership
Catherine and Frederick
The Child's Grave
Clever Alice
The Clever Grethel
The Countryman and the Evil Spirit
The Death of the Cock
Death's Messengers
The Devil and His Grandmother
The Discreet Hans
Doctor Know-All
The Dog and the Sparrow
The Donkey Cabbages
The Drummer
The Duration of Life
The Dwarfs
The Ears of Wheat
The Evil Spirit and His Grandmother
The Experienced Huntsman
The Fair Catherine and Pif-Paf Poltrie
The Faithful Beasts
Faithful John
The Family Servants
The Feather Bird
Ferdinand the Faithful and Ferdinand the Unfaithful
The Fisherman and His Wife
The Flail Which Came from the Clouds
The Four Accomplished Brothers
The Fox and Godmother-Wolf
The Fox and the Cat
The Fox and the Geese
The Fox and the Horse
The Frog Prince
The Giant and the Tailor
The Giant with the Three Golden Hairs
The Glass Coffin
The Godfather
The Godfather Death
Going Out a-Travelling
The Gold Children
The Golden Bird
The Golden Goose
The Golden Key
A Good Bargain
The Goose Girl
The Goose-Girl at the Well
The Grave-Mound
The Handless Maiden
Hans in Luck
Hans Married
Hans the Hedgehog
Hansel and Grethel
The Hare and the Hedgehog
The Hen-Roost
Herr Korbes
The House in the Wood
How Six Travelled through the World
Humility and Poverty Lead to Heaven
The Idle Spinner
The Iron Stove
Jorinde and Joringel
Jungfrau Maleen
The King of the Golden Mountain
King Thrush-Beard
King Wren
The Knapsack, the Hat and the Horn
Knoist and His Three Sons
Lazy Harry
Lean Betty
The Legend of St Joseph in the Forest
The Little Ass
Little Briar-Rose
The Little Brother and Sister
The Little Elves
The Little Farmer
The Little Lamb and the Little Fish
The Little Mouse, the Little Bird and the Sausage
Little Red-Cap
The Little Shepherd Boy
Little Snow-White
Love and Sorrow to Share
The Lying Tale
The Maid of Brakel
The Man of Iron
Master Cobblersawl
The Master-Thief
The Musicians of Bremen
The Nail
The Nix of the Mill-Pond
The Old Beggar-Woman
The Old Griffin
Old Hildebrand
The Old Man and His Grandson
Old Mother Frost
Old Rinkrank
Old Sultan
The Old Widow
The Old Witch
The Old Woman in the Wood
One-Eye, Two-Eyes and Three-Eyes
The Owl
The Pack of Ragamuffins
The Peasant's Wise Daughter
The Pink
The Poor Boy in the Grave
The Poor Man and the Rich man
The Poor Miller's Son and the Cat
The Presents of the Little Folk
The Prince Who was Afraid of Nothing
A Puzzling Tale
The Queen Bee
The Rabbit's Pride
The Raven
The Riddle
The Robber and His Sons
The Robber-Bridegroom
The Rogue and His Master
The Rose
The Seven Crows
The Seven Swabians
The Shoes Which Were Dance to Pieces
The Shreds
The Singing Bone
The Six Servants
The Six Swans
Snow-White and Rose-Red
The Soaring Lark
The Sole
The Sparrow and His Four Children
The Spider and the Flea
The Spindle, the Shuttle and the Needle
The Spirit in the Bottle
Star Dollars
The Stolen Farthings
The Straw, the Coal and the Bean
Strong Hans
The Sweet Shop
The Table, the Ass and the Stick
A Tale of One Who Travelled to Learn What Shivering Meant
The Tale of Schlauraffenland
The Thief Among Thorns
The Three Army Surgeons
The Three Birds
The Three Black Princesses
The Three Brothers
The Three Feathers
The Three Green Twigs
The Three Journeymen
The Three Languages
The Three Little Men in the Wood
Three Little Tales About Toads
The Three Luck-Children
The Three Sluggards
The Three Snake-Leaves
The Three Spinsters
Tom Thumb
The Travels of Thumbling
The True Bride
The Turnip
The Twelve Brothers
The Twelve Dancing Princesses [short story]
The Twelve Hunters
The Two Brothers
The Two Kings' Children
The Two Wanderers
The Undutiful Son
The Valiant Little Tailor
The Valiant Tailor
The Water of Life
The Water-Sprite
The Wedding of Mrs Fox
The White and the Black Bride
The White Snake
Wise Hans
The Wolf and the Fox
The Wolf and the Man
The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats
The Wonderful Musician
The Woodcutter's Child
The Wren and the Bear
The Young Giant

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