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Neil M Gunn

(Neil Miller Gunn)
Scotland (1891 - 1973)

Neil Gunn (1891-1973), one of Scotland's most prolific and distinguished novelists, wrote over a period that spanned the Recession, the political crises of the 1920's and 1930's, and the Second World War and its aftermath. Although nearly all his 20 novels are set in the Highlands of Scotland, he is not a regional author in the narrow sense of that description; his novels reflect a search for meaning in troubled times, both past and present, a search that leads him into the realms of philosophy, archaeology, folk tradition and metaphysical speculation.

Born in the coastal village of Dunbeath, Caithness, the son of a successful fishing boat skipper, Gunn was educated at the local village primary school and privately in Galloway. In 1911 he entered the Civil Service and spent some time in both London and Edinburgh before returning to the North as a customs and excise officer based (after a short spell in Caithness) in Inverness. Before voluntary retirement from Government service in 1937 to become a full-time writer, he had embarked on a literary career with considerable success.

Genres: Mystery
   Grey Coast (1926)
   Morning Tide (1931)
   The Last Glen (1932)
   Sun Circle (1933)
   Highland River (1937)
   Second Sight (1940)
   The Silver Darlings (1941)
   Young Art and Old Hector (1942)
   The Green Isle of the Great Deep (1944)
   The Key of the Chest (1945)
   The Serpent (1948)
   The Shadow (1948)
   Silver Bough (1948)
   The Well at the World's End (1951)
   Blood Hunt (1952)
   Butcher's Broom (1977)
   Whisky and Scotland (1977)
   Drinking Well (1978)
   Lost Glen (1985)
   The Atom of Delight (1986)
   Lost Chart (1987)
   Other Landscape (1988)
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Non fiction
   Two Essays (1971)
   Off in a Boat (1988)
   Highland Pack (1989)
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Anthologies containing stories by Neil M Gunn
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Short stories
The Sea

Saltire Literary Awards Best Book winner (1937) : Highland River

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