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Cathy Marie Hake is the author of over twenty novels, though past jobs have included making Bible covers and cutting out convertible car tops! She is also a licensed nurse who worked for many years in an Oncology Unit before shifting her focus to perinatal care. She lives with her husband and two children in Anaheim, California.

Genres: Inspirational, Romance
Heirloom Brides (2001) (with Kristin Billerbeck and Colleen Coble)
A Bride for a Bit (2003) (with JoAnn A Grote, Janelle Burnham Schneider and Pamela Kaye Tracy)
Gold Rush Christmas (2003) (with Colleen Coble, Rebecca Germany and Joyce Livingston)
Bound with Love (2004) (with Joan Croston, Kelly Eileen Hake and Joyce Livingston)
A Stitch in Time (2004) (with Tracey V Bateman, Carol Cox and Vickie McDonough)
The Stuff of Love (2004) (with Dianna Crawford, Kelly Eileen Hake and Sally Laity)
Lone Star Christmas (2005) (with Pamela Griffin, Vickie McDonough and Kathleen Y'Barbo)
San Diego (2006) (with Joyce Livingston)
California Brides (2007)
Alaska Brides (2008) (with Mary Connealy and Kathleen Y'Barbo)
The Prairie Romance Collection (2009) (with Lynn A Coleman, Mary Davis, Lena Nelson Dooley, Susan K Downs, Birdie Etchison, Linda Ford, Linda Goodnight, JoAnn A Grote, Judith Miller, Kathleen Paul and Janet Spaeth)
Stitched with Love (2013) (with Tracey V Bateman, Andrea Boeshaar, Sally Laity, Vickie McDonough, Janet Spaeth and Pamela Kaye Tracy)
The Brides of Chance Collection (2013) (with Tracey V Bateman and Kelly Eileen Hake)
The Lone Star Romance Collection (2014) (with Kimberley Comeaux)
The Beaches and Brides Romance Collection (2014) (with Lynn A Coleman, Mary Davis, Susan Page Davis and Paige Winship Dooly)
A Texas Christmas (2015) (with Ramona K Cecil, Lena Nelson Dooley, Darlene Franklin, Pamela Griffin and Kathleen Y'Barbo)
A Sentimental Journey Romance Collection (2015) (with Dianna Crawford, Joan Croston, Kelly Eileen Hake, Sally Laity, DiAnn Mills, Kim Vogel Sawyer, Janelle Burnham Schneider and Lynette Sowell)
Brides of Texas (2016)
Brides of Virginia (2017)
The Stitched with Love Romance Collection (2019) (with Tracey V Bateman, Andrea Boeshaar, Sally Laity, Vickie McDonough, Janet Spaeth and Pamela Kaye Tracy)