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Christina Hollis was born in Somerset, England and was the elder of two children. The Careers department at school gave her the stark choice between nursing and teaching, but both options called for more years of study. All she wanted to do was use her imagination and write, so she escaped from school to get a job in the financial sector.

She worked briefly in Marketing, but 'Numbers tend to dance in my head, but not exactly like sugar plums! My job was all about figures, and used more spreadsheets than I felt happy with,' she says now. Around this time, she met her husband on a blind date. They lived in the city for convenience, but both wanted to get away to the peace and quiet of the countryside. After they moved out to rural Gloucestershire, Christina began writing full time about their life in the country. Producing articles and photographs for national magazines about their exploits keeping chickens, geese, pigs and growing their own fruit and vegetables by day, by night she was working on full-length fiction.

Christina has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil, and reading for almost as long. Her grandfather and father were both avid readers, and so is her husband, so she has always been surrounded by books. Writing fiction was a natural progression from her magazine work. In 1990 her first full length novel, Knight's Pawn, was published by Harlequin Mills and Boon under the pen name Polly Forrester. After a career break to devote time to raising a family of her own, she joined respected poet Paul Groves' creative writing course to explore other avenues. Here she discovered the art of the short story, and was encouraged to try writing contemporary romance. After several drafts and some revisions, her first Mills and Boon Modern Romance, The Italian Billionaire's Virgin was published in 2007. Her books have appeared in lists of best sellers all over the world.

'As well as romantic conflict, I like my books to capture the countryside in all its moods,' she says. 'Reading can take you to a completely different place and time. That's my idea of luxury - the chance to escape from the pressures of everyday life.'

Genres: Romance, Historical Romance
   An Innocent In His Bed Bundle (2008) (with Lindsay Armstrong, India Grey and Kathryn Ross)
   Hired: For the Boss's Pleasure Bundle (2009) (with Lindsay Armstrong, India Grey and Kathryn Ross)
   Forced To Marry Bundle (2009) (with Daphne Clair, Sara Craven and Margaret Mayo)
   The Hot-Headed Virgin (2010) (with Melanie Milburne and Trish Morey)
   Irresistible Bosses & Expectant Mistresses Bundle (2010) (with Anne Oliver, Susan Stephens and Cathy Williams)
   Claimed by the Italian (2012) (with Diana Hamilton and Kathryn Ross)
   His Chosen Wife (2012) (with Susanne James and Anne McAllister)
   His to Command: The Housekeeper (2013) (with Emma Darcy and Sharon Kendrick)
   Her Secret, His Child (2013) (with Miranda Lee and Anne McAllister)
   Out of Hours...Her Ruthless Boss (2014) (with Kate Hewitt and Kim Lawrence)
   Irresistible Bachelors (2014) (with Helen Brooks and Maggie Cox)
   By Request Collection (2015) (with Natalie Anderson, Helen Brooks, Aimee Carson, Maureen Child, Maggie Cox, Lilian Darcy, Kimberly Lang, Day Leclaire, Marion Lennox, Sarah Mayberry, Melanie Milburne, Sarah Morgan, Elizabeth Power, Heidi Rice and Kate Walker)
   By Request Collection Part 3 (2015) (with Maya Banks, Jackie Braun, Cara Colter, Robyn Donald, Barbara Hannay, Marion Lennox, Alison Roberts, Meredith Webber and Annie West)
   The Italians: Cristiano, Vittorio & Dario (2015) (with Natalie Anderson, Amy Andrews, Helen Bianchin, Sara Craven, Katherine Garbera, Kate Hardy, Kim Lawrence, Sarah Morgan, Susan Napier, Jane Porter, Chantelle Shaw, Annie West and Rebecca Winters)
     aka The Italians Collection
   The Italians: Angelo, Rocco & Stefano (2015) (with Sara Craven and Chantelle Shaw)
   Ruthless Milllionaire, Indecent Proposal (2015) (with Lindsay Armstrong and Emma Darcy)
   Bound To The Billionaire (2016) (with Maggie Cox and Chantelle Shaw)
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