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Anne McAllister was born in California, spent formative summervacations on the beach near her home and on her grandparents' small ranch inColorado and visiting relatives in Montana. Studying the cowboys, thesurfers and the beach volleyball players, she spent long hours developingher concept of "the perfect hero." One thing she did do, early on, wasdevelop a weakness for lean, dark-haired, handsome lone-wolf type guys. Whenshe finally found one, he was in the university library where she wasworking at the time. It didn't matter. She knew a good man when she saw one.And they've now been sharing "happily ever afters" since then. She says:"Once I had a book with a cover I really loved. And my husband found out whothe artist was and bought me the illustration for my birthday. It wasentirely unexpected and I was thrilled".

Before she started writing romances, Anne taught Spanish, capped deodorantbottles copyedited textbooks, got a master's degree in theology, andghostwrote sermons. It all became grist for the fictional mill - as has thefamily history she likes to learn more about every chance she gets. Shemight have to try her hand at that historical, after all - especially nowthat she's learned more about that second great-grandfather who claims tohave shot 40 men!

Anne and her husband have four children, four dogs, and one bionic cat who,contrary to all expectations, is working on his second millennium. Quite afew years ago they moved to the Midwest, but they spend more and more timein Montana. And as Anne says, she lives there in her head most of the timeanyway. She wishes a small town like her very own Elmer, Montana, existed.She'd move there in a minute.

Genres: Romance
   With This Ring (1991) (with Bethany Campbell, Barbara Delinsky and Bobby Hutchinson)
   Home For Christmas (1996) (with Debbie Macomber and Shannon Waverly)
   Christmas Celebration (1996) (with Kasey Michaels)
   New Years Resolution: Family (1997) (with Barbara Bretton and Leandra Logan)
   Wedlocked (1999) (with Day Leclaire and Margaret Way)
   Christmas Presents (1999) (with Penny Jordan and Sally Wentworth)
   Blood Brothers (2000) (with Lucy Gordon)
   Do You Take This Cowboy (2000) (with Cait London)
   Christmas Weddings (2001) (with Elizabeth Bevarly)
   Even Better Than Before (2002) (with B J James)
   His Majesty, MD / A Cowboy's Pursuit (2003) (with Leanne Banks)
   Dare to Trust / Call Up the Wind (2004)
   Greek Millionaires (2004) (with Sara Craven and Penny Jordan)
   Marry Me... Maybe? (2004) (with Tori Carrington)
   Love in the City (2005) (with Miranda Lee and Cathy Williams)
   Way Home / Cowboy's Christmas Miracle / Because a Husband is Forever (2005) (with Marie Ferrarella and Linda Howard)
   Their Little Miracles (2007) (with Cathy Gillen Thacker)
   Men Made In America Mega-Bundle 2 (2007) (with Annette Broadrick, Bethany Campbell, Allison Leigh, Ingrid Weaver and Peggy Webb)
   His Child (2008) (with Sharon Kendrick and Catherine Spencer)
   Cattleman's Woman (2008) (with Maureen Child and Diana Palmer)
   One-Click Buy: April 2009 Harlequin Blaze (2009) (with Abby Green, Carrie Hudson, Penny Jordan, Kimberly Lang, Jule McBride, Sarah Mayberry, Julie Miller, Trish Morey, Carole Mortimer, Anne Oliver, Tawny Weber and Lori Wilde)
   OneClick Buy: April 2009 Harlequin Presents (2009) (with Abby Green, Penny Jordan, Kimberly Lang, Trish Morey, Carole Mortimer and Anne Oliver)
   One-Click Buy: November 2009 Harlequin Presents (2009) (with Ally Blake, Kelly Hunter, Kim Lawrence, Miranda Lee, Sandra Marton, Natalie Rivers and Chantelle Shaw)
   Blogger Bundle Volume II (2009) (with Margaret Mayo, Michelle Reid and Kate Walker)
   The Greek Tycoons' Takeover (2010) (with Jane Porter and Chantelle Shaw)
   One-Click Buy: September 2010 (2010) (with Helen Bianchin, Emma Darcy, Penny Jordan, Sharon Kendrick and Sarah Morgan)
   In Bed With Her Tall, Sexy Handsome Boss (2011) (with Natalie Anderson and Anna Cleary)
   His Chosen Wife (2012) (with Christina Hollis and Susanne James)
   Her Secret, His Child (2013) (with Christina Hollis and Miranda Lee)
   Luxury Escapes (2013) (with Janette Kenny and Maisey Yates)
   The Snow Bride (2013) (with Helen Brooks and Jennie Lucas)
   Love Me Always (2014) (with Sarah Mayberry)
   Out of Hours...Boardroom Seductions (2014) (with Janette Kenny and Anne Oliver)
   Innocent Surrender (2014) (with Robyn Donald and Chantelle Shaw)
   One Night of Passion (2014) (with Kate Hardy and Fiona Hood-Stewart)
   Six Greek Heroes (2014) (with Helen Bianchin, Lynne Graham, Melanie Milburne, Lucy Monroe and Cathy Williams)
   His After-Hours Mistress (2015) (with Tina Duncan and Trish Wylie)
   The Wedding Night Debt / The Return of Antonides (2015) (with Cathy Williams)
   Harlequin Presents October 2015 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2015) (with Jennifer Hayward, Sharon Kendrick and Annie West)
   Modern Romance October 2015 Books 5-8 (2015) (with Amanda Cinelli, Michelle Conder and Jennifer Hayward)
   Billionaire Bosses (2015) (with Amy Andrews and Michelle Celmer)
   Billionaire Bosses Collection (2016) (with Amy Andrews, Michelle Celmer, Lucy Gordon, Kim Lawrence, Day Leclaire, Yvonne Lindsay, Nicola Marsh, Sara Orwig and Cat Schield)
   Calhoun Women and Billionaire Bosses Collection (2016) (with Amy Andrews, Michelle Celmer, Lucy Gordon, Day Leclaire, Yvonne Lindsay, Nicola Marsh, Sara Orwig, Nora Roberts and Cat Schield)
   Irresistible Greeks Collection (2016) (with Catherine George, Lynne Graham, Julia James, Susanne James, Sharon Kendrick, Carole Mortimer, Jane Porter, Rebecca Winters and Maisey Yates)
   Irresistible Greeks: Secrets and Seduction (2016) (with Lynne Graham and Julia James)
   Greek Mavericks: Seduced Into The Greek's World (2019) (with Julia James and Maisey Yates)
   Gorgeous Greeks: A Greek Affair (2020) (with Emma Darcy and Chantelle Shaw)
   Christmas Brides Collection (2020) (with Annie Burrows, Judy Christenberry, Marie Ferrarella, Abigail Gordon, Jennifer Hayward, Yvonne Lindsay, Karen Rose Smith, Patricia Thayer and Cathy Williams)
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