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Trish Morey


Award winning, best-selling author for Harlequin Presents, Trish Morey likes to hammer out her stories while walking through the bushland of the beautiful Adelaide Hills, counting koalas high up in gum trees as she goes.

In 2002 Trish entered the Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart contest for the first time and was amazed and delighted to final in the short contemporary section. The same manuscript was already under consideration in London, and in June 2003 (actually June 18th at 6:32 p.m.) the magical phone call came. Mills & Boon wanted to buy her book!

According to Trish, selling a book is a major life achievement that ranks up there with jumping out of an airplane and motherhood. All three take commitment, determination and sheer guts, but the effort is so very, very worthwhile.


Rancher in Her Stocking / Italian's Virgin Bride (2004) (with Leanne Banks)
For Love or Money Bundle (2007) (with Sarah Morgan and Jane Porter)
Sexy Sheikh Bundle (2007) (with Lynne Graham and Sharon Kendrick)
Brides of Convenience Bundle (2007) (with Amanda Browning and Sara Wood)
One-Click Buy: November 2007 Harlequin Presents (2007) (with Emma Darcy, Chantelle Shaw, Susan Stephens, Kate Walker and Cathy Williams)
One-Click Buy: March Harlequin Presents (2008) (with Lindsay Armstrong, Lynne Graham, Kim Lawrence, Anne Mather and Cathy Williams)
Her Latin Lover (2008) (with Melanie Milburne and Lucy Monroe)
One-Click Buy: August Harlequin Presents (2008) (with Miranda Lee, Jennie Lucas, Lucy Monroe, Sarah Morgan and Carole Mortimer)
Her Mediterranean Boss (2009) (with Helen Brooks and Barbara McMahon)
One-Click Buy: April 2009 Harlequin Blaze (2009) (with Abby Green, Carrie Hudson, Penny Jordan, Kimberly Lang, Anne McAllister, Jule McBride, Sarah Mayberry, Julie Miller, Carole Mortimer, Anne Oliver, Tawny Weber and Lori Wilde)
OneClick Buy: April 2009 Harlequin Presents (2009) (with Abby Green, Penny Jordan, Kimberly Lang, Anne McAllister, Carole Mortimer and Anne Oliver)
Surrender in the Arms of the Sheikh (2009) (with Carol Grace and Sharon Kendrick)
Royal and Ruthless Bundle (2009) (with Robyn Donald, Lucy Gordon and Sabrina Philips)
The Latin Lover (2009) (with Lucy Monroe)
Virgin: Wedded by a Billionaire (2009) (with Anne Mather and Carole Mortimer)
One-Click Buy: March 2010 Harlequin Presents (2010) (with Sara Craven, Lynne Graham, Kelly Hunter, Kim Lawrence, Sarah Morgan, Michelle Reid and Heidi Rice)
Bedded by Blackmail (2010) (with Jacqueline Baird and Lynne Graham)
The Italian's Baby Bargain (2010) (with Kim Lawrence and Kate Walker)
Bedded for Revenge (2010) (with Julia James and Carole Mortimer)
The Hot-Headed Virgin (2010) (with Christina Hollis and Melanie Milburne)
Christmas Gifts (2010) (with Judy Christenberry and Jennifer Taylor)
Bedroom Bargains of Revenge (2011) (with Emma Darcy and Melanie Milburne)
A Royal Wedding (2011) (with Caitlin Crews, Nina Harrington and Raye Morgan)
A Royal Engagement (2011) (with Caitlin Crews)
Greek Affairs (2012) (with Amy Andrews, Sara Craven, Katherine Garbera, Abby Green, Diana Hamilton, Kate Hewitt, Julia James, Barbara McMahon, Carol Marinelli, Anne Mather, Michelle Reid, Kathryn Ross, Catherine Spencer, Kate Walker, Annie West and Rebecca Winters)
Innocent in the Desert (2012) (with Olivia Gates and Kim Lawrence)
Escape for Easter (2012) (with Amy Andrews and Kim Lawrence)
Royal Baby (2012) (with Lynn Raye Harris and Sabrina Philips)
Greek Affairs: The Virgin's Seduction (2012) (with Sara Craven and Diana Hamilton)
Australia Collection (2013) (with Amy Andrews, Helen Bianchin, Anna Cleary, Jan Colley, Lilian Darcy, Robyn Grady, Barbara Hannay, Marion Lennox, Nicola Marsh, Leah Martyn, Alison Roberts, Margaret Way and Meredith Webber)
A Price Worth Paying? / Captive in his Castle (2013) (with Chantelle Shaw)
Desert Jewels & Rising Stars (2014) (with Caitlin Cre, Olivia Gates, Abby Green, Melissa James, Sharon Kendrick, Jennie Lucas, Barbara McMahon, Carol Marinelli, Dana Marton, Sandra Marton, Natasha Oakley, Annie West and Maisey Yates)
Desert Jewels Collection (2014) (with Olivia Gates, Abby Green, Melissa James, Sharon Kendrick, Barbara McMahon, Carol Marinelli, Dana Marton, Sandra Marton, Natasha Oakley and Annie West)
Desert Fantasies (2014) (with Barbara McMahon and Natasha Oakley)
Love Me Tender (2014) (with Kelly Hunter, Sarah Mayberry and Jane Porter)
Harlequin Presents September 2014 - Bundle 1 of 2 (2014) (with Jennifer Hayward, Carol Marinelli and Chantelle Shaw)
Merry Christmas! (2014) (with Caroline Anderson, Helen Brooks, Judy Christenberry, Michelle Douglas, Abigail Gordon, Shirley Jump and Anne Marie Winston)
The Chatsfield Box Set Volume 2 (2014) (with Abby Green, Lynn Raye Harris and Annie West)
Midnight in the Desert Collection (2014) (with Susanna Carr, Linda Conrad, Olivia Gates, Lynne Graham, Lynn Raye H, Melissa James, Carol Marinelli, Lucy Monroe, Sarah Morgan, Jane Porter, Meredith Webber, Rebecca Winters and Maisey Yates)
Midnight in Arabia (2015) (with Melissa James and Lucy Monroe)
The Sins of Sebastian Rey-Defoe / Captive of Kadar (2015) (with Kim Lawrence)
Harlequin Presents May 2015 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2015) (with Caitlin Crews, Kate Hewitt and Michelle Smart)
Modern Romance May 2015 Books 1-8 (2015) (with Lynne Graham, Jennifer Rae Gravely, Kate Hewitt, Kim Lawrence, Jennifer Rae, Michelle Smart, Rachael Thomas and Cathy Williams)
Harlequin Presents November 2015 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2015) (with Caitlin Crews, Kate Hewitt and Maisey Yates)
Modern Romance November 2015 Books 1-4 (2015) (with Sharon Kendrick, Susan Stephens and Maisey Yates)
At His Revenge (2015) (with Janette Kenny and Sarah Morgan)
Christmas Babies Box Set (2015) (with Jennie Lucas and Carol Marinelli)
The Revenge Collection (2015) (with Maya Blake, Sara Craven, Katherine Garbera, Lynne Graham, Abby Green, Janette Kenny, Jennie Lucas, Sarah Morgan and Annie West)
Bought by the Billionaire (2016) (with Helen Bianchin and Carol Marinelli)
Just One Night... (2016) (with Helen Brooks and Anna Cleary)
By Request Collection April-June 2016 (2016) (with Amy Andrews, Helen Brooks, Anna Cleary, Karen Foley, Fiona McArthur, Carol Marinelli, Susan Meier, Debbi Rawlins and Cara Summers)
Around The World (2016) (with Anne Fraser, Catherine George, Melissa James, Fiona McCallum, Lucy Monroe, Nora Roberts and Lori Wilde)
The From Paris With Love / Scandalous Regency Collection (2017) (with Lindsay Armstrong, Kat Cantrell, Robyn Grady, Kate Hardy, Kelly Hunter, Merline Lovelace, Jennie Lucas, Carole Mortimer and Alison Roberts)
The From Paris With Love / Regency Season Of Secrets Ultimate Collection (2017) (with Lindsay Armstrong, Kat Cantrell, Robyn Grady, Kate Hardy, Kelly Hunter, Merline Lovelace, Jennie Lucas, Carole Mortimer and Alison Roberts)
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