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Lindsay Armstrong

South Africa

Lindsay Armstrong was born in South Africa. She grew up with threeambitions: to become a writer, to travel the world, and to be a game ranger.She didn't achieve the last one, but her fascination for wildlife and thatspecial something about Africa and its big game still remains with her. Whenshe went to work it was in travel, at an agency and an airline, and thisstarted her on the road to seeing the world.

Lindsey met her New Zealand-born husband, who had been working in WestAfrica, when he was on his way home through Johannesburg. He did go home butin a matter of weeks he was back in South Africa, and six months later theywere married. Three of their five children were born in South Africa. Thenone in London and one in Australia, after they made the decision to emigratefrom South Africa.

It wasn't until her youngest child started school that Lindsay sat down atthe kitchen table determined to tackle her other ambition to stop dreamingabout writing and do it! She hasn't stopped since. She's not happy unlessshe has a book under way, and she's discovered she can write through justabout anything.

Lindsay and her husband have moved around a lot. They've trained racehorses,farmed, and lived on their boat for six months while they sailed it from theGold Coast to the Torres Strait and back, an epic voyage! They currentlylive in Queensland, overlooking the water; they sold their farm, and they'relooking around for another boat. She and her husband love to travel and havebeen back to Africa twice in the past few years. The highlight of one oftheir trips was a visit to the Serengeti, in Tanzania, where Lindsay did theone thing she swore she would never do: take a ride in a hot-air balloon.She was a nervous wreck as the balloon tottered upright, but will rememberit as a unique experience to see the game spreading out on the Serengetiplain beneath her as the sun rose.

"They say you can take someone who was born in Africa out of the bush butyou can't take the bush out of someone born there..."

Despite this passion for wildlife and Africa, Lindsay considers Australiaher home now and loves the country. She travelled to Sydney to witness theclosing weekend of the Olympic Games in September 2000; it made her proud tobe an adopted Aussie!

Genres: Romance

Spitfire / Maelstrom / Dear Green Isle (1984) (with Ann Cooper and Annabel Murray)
Marriage of Convenience (1995) (with Sara Craven)
Christmas Treats (1997) (with Penny Jordan and Day Leclaire)
9 to 5 (1998) (with Susan Napier and Jessica Steele)
Close Proximity (1999) (with Charlotte Lamb and Margaret Way)
The Yew Tree Collection (2002) (with Melanie Farrell, Rachel Friend and Anna Schell)
An Australian Christmas (2002) (with Emma Darcy and Miranda Lee)
Outback Proposals (2006) (with Barbara Hannay and Jessica Hart)
One-Click Buy: March Harlequin Presents (2008) (with Lynne Graham, Kim Lawrence, Anne Mather, Trish Morey and Cathy Williams)
In the Australian's Bed (2008) (with Miranda Lee and Melanie Milburne)
An Innocent In His Bed Bundle (2008) (with India Grey, Christina Hollis and Kathryn Ross)
Hired: For the Boss's Pleasure Bundle (2009) (with India Grey, Christina Hollis and Kathryn Ross)
The Millionaire's Virgin (2009) (with Susan Stephens and Sophie Weston)
A Convenient Marriage (2009) (with Liz Fielding and Betty Neels)
Her Outback Boss (2009) (with Barbara Hannay and Sharon Kendrick)
Convenient Brides (2009) (with Melanie Milburne and Catherine Spencer)
Unexpected Babies & Jet Set Billionaires Bundle (2010) (with Robyn Grady, Lucy King and Jennie Lucas)
His Rags-to-Riches Bride (2011) (with Sara Craven and Susan Stephens)
In Bed with the Boss (2011) (with Melanie Milburne and Sarah Morgan)
Hot Nights with an Australian (2012) (with Emma Darcy and Nicola Marsh)
Harlequin Presents July 2013 - Bundle 2 of 2 (2013) (with Dani Collins, Abby Green and Kate Hewitt)
Harlequin Presents March 2014 - Bundle 2 of 2 (2014) (with Kate Hewitt, Jennie Lucas and Michelle Smart)
Seduced by the Rebel (2014) (with Anne Oliver and Susan Stephens)
By Request Collection 1 (2014) (with Jackie Braun, Michelle Celmer, Maureen Child, Cara Colter, Brenda Harlen, Fiona Lowe, Cassie Miles, Anne Oliver and Susan Stephens)
New Arrivals Collection (2015) (with Donna Alward, Maggie Cox, Barbara Dunlop, Linda Goodnight, Barbara Hannay, Melissa McClone, Myrna Mackenzie, Carol Marinelli, Maxine Sullivan, Margaret Way and Rebecca Winters)
Six Australian Heroes (2015) (with Jennie Adams, Barbara Hannay, Jessica Hart, Miranda Lee and Margaret Way)
New Arrivals (2015) (with Carol Marinelli and Rebecca Winters)
Ruthless Milllionaire, Indecent Proposal (2015) (with Emma Darcy and Christina Hollis)
From Sydney With Love (2017) (with Robyn Grady and Kelly Hunter)
The From Paris With Love / Scandalous Regency Collection (2017) (with Kat Cantrell, Robyn Grady, Kate Hardy, Kelly Hunter, Merline Lovelace, Jennie Lucas, Trish Morey, Carole Mortimer and Alison Roberts)

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