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Impossible Saints

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Escaping the constraints of life as a village schoolmistress, Lilia Brooke bursts into London and into Paul Harris’s orderly life, shattering his belief that women are gentle creatures who need protection. Lilia wants to change women’s lives by advocating for the vote, free unions, and contraception. Paul, an Anglican priest, has a big ambition of his own: to become the youngest dean of St. John’s Cathedral. Lilia doesn’t believe in God, but she’s attracted to Paul’s intellect, ethics, and dazzling smile.As Paul is increasingly driven to rise in the church, Lilia finds her calling in the militant Women’s Social and Political Union. They can’t deny their attraction, but they know they don’t belong in each other’s worlds. Lilia would rather destroy property and serve time in prison than see her spirit destroyed and imprisoned by marriage to a clergyman, while Paul wants nothing more than to settle down and keep Lilia out of harm’s way. Paul and Lilia must reach their breaking points before they can decide whether their love is worth fighting for.

Genre: Historical

Praise for this book

"Impossible Saints is the meeting of ferocity and tenderness, a story with brave questions for both heart and head. It unfolds a hundred years in the past, but its roots are unmistakably--aptly--of the moment." - Alison Atlee

"Harwood brings us vividly and convincingly into the past, as we see the whirlwind of social changes in early twentieth century England through the lives of two passionate and authentic characters." - Jessica Brockmole

"A thoughtful and intriguing picture of the suffragettes and the society they wished to change." - Jennifer Delamere

"Impossible Saints is a tale about passion, putting your life on the line for what you believe in, and sometimes being blindsided by the urge to compromise. This book is so readable the pages practically turn themselves. Make yourself a cup of tea and cancel all your appointments--once you start reading this novel you won't want to stop." - Elizabeth LaBan

"Impossible Saints tells the passionate story of the suffragist movement in early twentieth century London, and the sacrifices made to secure what so many women take for granted today--the right to vote. Lilia Brooke won't succumb to a society bent on curtailing her rights, or a man she loves who wishes to keep her safely at home, even if it means denying her heart. Consuming, well-paced, and important, this fascinating novel fills in the blanks of a past so rarely given air time in today's myopic world." - Heather Webb

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